About Drawspace

Drawspace was launched in 2001 by award winning developer Jeff Baur and world renowned artist and educator Brenda Hoddinott, and has been growing steadily ever since. Today, Drawspace is internationally respected as one of the largest and most comprehensive art education websites in the world.

Many of the best of the best artists, authors, and educators on the planet are publishing new lessons, courses, and books with Drawspace Publishing. As our roster of authors and teachers increases, the repertoire of lessons, courses, and books naturally expands to include new visual art disciplines.

Approximately 15% of the content on Drawspace.com is free. Authors receive royalty payments for their content - hence, not all lessons, books, and classes can be free. However, we strive to keep fees low in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Drawspace Publishing

Drawspace Publishing is a Canadian company created by Brenda Hoddinott in 2009 to publish and manage Drawspace multi-media publications. All publications are legally-registered with Library and Archives Canada and The Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS).