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5 tips for writing a good essay

The essay is a type of literary genre where the author analyzes, interprets or criticizes a certain topic in a brief and concise way. It usually presents a single point of view and has a clear and determined structure. It is common that this type of writing is required at university, but it can also be really useful when studying, as it allows you to express your ideas about a subject and discuss notions from your point of view. In this way you will show the teacher that you are not only interested in the subject (only if you don't ask somebody to write my essay for me cheap), but that you have an opinion formed around it. It is also a good way to practice for an exam or written test.

Consider the following recommendations:

1. Choose an interesting topic

The issue needs to be relevant. Choose current topics and think about the recipient, the target audience of your essay. Be sure to gather information from local and international media to learn more about the topic. Visit different websites and take note of what you learn and what sources you visit in case you want to revisit them. Remember that the ideas you develop should be backed up with documentation and if you quote, don't forget the quotes and footer.

2. Write down the key points

As you go deeper into the subject and browse the different portals or consult the indicative bibliography, you will find that there are some arguments that you cannot dismiss and must necessarily be included. To make sure you don't forget them, be sure to make an orderly list of the most important points and include them in your essay.

3. Consider the structure

When you have your notes ready, determine the structure you will use. The best way to write an essay is to divide it into parts. The most common way is to place an introduction, a development and a conclusion.

The first part should convey the subject matter, the purpose of the research and the organization of the text. The body or development expands on the information mentioned in the introduction with solid arguments. Finally, the conclusion reviews the central ideas mentioned and illustrates the author's opinion on the subject. Remember that this is an academic work so it is essential that you maintain a formal tone, avoiding humor and sarcasm, as well as colloquial vocabulary.

4. Write a draft

Every good writer knows how important the draft is before the final work. The essay involves a lot of order at the level of ideas and structure, so before writing make sure you are clear about what you want to include. A draft outline may be a good idea.

5. Re-read the final version and correct it

Before you hand over the final version, check it out. Read it carefully for typos, spelling errors, or syntax.

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