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Separating from your partner is extremely stressful and emotional. At a time when you are feeling anxious and vulnerable you also have the difficult task of explaining the situation to your children.
They will go through a range of emotions but how they handle the separation will largely depend on:
• How well you and your partner manage your changed relationship
• How old your children are
• Your child or children’s temperament
If possible, talk to your partner about how you are going to break the news to your children. Decide when and where to do it and, do you best to maintain a calm and positive atmosphere when doing it. By telling your children calmly and together you will help your children understand and come to terms with the information you are giving them.
It is important that separating parents always try to be sensitive to their children’s emotions and needs. Keeping an open channel of communication between you and your child is important and children should never be used in an emotional tug of war between you and your ex-partner.
Depending upon the age of your children it may be useful for you to seek counselling for your children to help them talk about their feelings with someone who will not judge them or have any emotion vested in your family situation.
Organisations such as cheap coursework writing service have information and Counselling services available. The Family Law Court in your State will also have information on how to support your children during this time and will assist you to meet your legal obligations as you progress with your separation.

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