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Talk to the teacher about a bad test result

Approach the teacher before getting a grade. Don't wait for progress reports or mid-term grades if you thought everything was fine, but then you had a great difficulty on the exam. Waiting until after the grade is turned in shows a lack of initiative. You should bring it up right away if you know you have gone wrong, especially if there is a good reason for it. Not only that, but period grades cannot be changed when entered into the system. (This also applies to homework from the previous semester or quarter.)

If you are in this situation, try to improve your grade for the next period. Apply for a job for extra credits so that you can change your GPA.

Understand the grading system. If you want to raise your grades instantly it is better to ask essay writers for help. If you want to talk to the teacher and potentially improve a grade you have received, you have to understand the system that is used, how this influences grades, and the limitations it imposes. Is a rating curve used? Is it a very demanding class? Knowing this can help you understand the process behind grading your written work.

Think about what type of exam you had. Your ability to question your grade is much easier if the test was for objectively correct or incorrect answers. An essay question in which the answers are open to a certain degree of interpretation can be much more complicated and more difficult to discuss. In these cases, you have to remember that the person who qualifies is not a computer and subjectively interprets a part in the answers.

In the case of an essay question, you can ask the teacher to review your answer with you. Reading your essay together will give you a chance to understand in more detail how it was scored.

Identify the reasons why you may deserve a better grade. You need a good reason for it to work, whether it's because you're struggling in class or you've made a mistake along the way. Don't try to lie. Your teacher is not that stupid no matter what you may think. Don't be afraid to talk to your teacher about it if you have some personal issues that have contributed to your grade.

Defend yourself. Say calmly and professionally what you think is wrong with your grade. Present other tests and other duties that show what you are capable of and suggest the solution that you think is reasonable. Be convincing and confident, but don't assume you know more or are right compared to your teacher.

Find good homework to use as examples or backups. You have a better chance of having your low score changed if you can show that this was a random event and that it shouldn't negatively impact your entire score.

Don't blame your teammate entirely if the problem was that you had an unreliable one on a group project. Otherwise, you will see yourself as a bad team member. Instead, say that if you had helped him more, you wouldn't have done so well on your part of the project and that it's not fair that you get a bad grade for someone else's work.

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