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5 Tips for Setting Real Estate Client Expectations

Taking the extra time to guide and explain the process to your customers will help you have a smoother and stress-free transaction.
Buying a house is like having a child. It is a roller coaster of emotions product of emotion, anxiety and the unknown.
How will the delivery be? How will my life change? Will the appraisal go well? Will the mortgage loan be approved?
The questions may never end. That is why it is important that, as a real estate consultant, you take the time to explain to your clients what will happen and in this way form the correct expectations in order to help relieve stress in certain situations. Here we share 5 tips that will help you achieve it:
1. Start at the beginning
As an introductory conversation you can start by setting the standards they should expect of you as their advisor. Each realtor can offer different skills and your clients may have an idea of what they are, however, it is important that you make sure they are on the same page as you and make sure you do what you agree to do.
For example, if you tell your clients that you will send them an email with the available properties that night and will get in touch the next day at a specific time, it is your duty to do exactly that.
2. Summarize the negotiation process
As a seasoned real estate professional, you already know what to expect from negotiations, but your clients probably don't. And let's be honest, it's not always what you see on TV.
Take the time to explain the best way to structure a deal based on dates, market, and financial needs. Help them understand the options for sellers to accept, reject or counter-offer.
3. Talk about inspection
The inspection marks the end of the "honeymoon." The inspector's job is to give the property a full appraisal, and some aspects will surely come to the fore. Prepare buyers for potential bad news and how to handle it.
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Let them know that inspections open windows for negotiation, what type of negotiation is appropriate, and what repairs can and cannot be requested.
4. Make Mortgage Credit Easy
Maintaining friendly relationships is important for any business, particularly those that can involve stressful situations.
Mortgage credit is the most time-consuming aspect of any transaction, so keeping the process as simple as possible will keep everyone in a good mood. Make sure clients understand what is going to be needed from them and make sure they are aware of all important dates in the process.
5. Prepare them for closure
This is the happiest part of the process for everyone involved. The owners are selling, the clients are buying, and the real estate consultants are paying them for the work done.
Make sure all the documents and requirements are covered to close the sale.
The best way to keep your expectations right is to have computer conversations with buyers about each step in the process to keep them happy and stress-free. Happy customers equate to referrals and connections with potential customers.

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