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Almundy Real Estate

Almundy is a world leading property developer. Our portfolio includes some of the world’s most recognizable lifestyle, leisure and retail landmarks. Our developments are now a distinct part of Dubai’s landscape. Established in 2011, Originating in the global economic hub of Dubai, we have since been very privileged to be able to play our role. ALMUNDY is an accomplished real estate company in Dubai, we have been blessed with an exceptional track record. Our properties are only of the highest standard and not any less. Strives have always been made to exceed expectations, and provide the best opportunities for all. And we don’t stop here, as there are still much on the horizon. In ALMUNDY we work with real estate, but our job is more than that. We feel it is also our obligation to provide for the community the foundation on which to shine. Our work is all about people, and people are the reason why we do what we do, to inspire and create. Visit us at to know more.

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