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7 best spell checker apps you can rely upon

Do you find difficulty in spelling and grammar?
Even if you are a native English speaker, you might be perplexed by grammatical laws, and you might find yourself spending a lot of time poring over your draught file, trying to figure out what needs to be changed. Grammar checker apps can be extremely useful in this situation. They go far beyond the traditional spell checker in that they can detect instances where you have used an accurate word in the wrong way.
Many of the more advanced ones would point out areas where you might improve your style and report writing help while you are writing report. For example, if you have used a more complicated word than you needed to or used cliches in your writing.
However, with so many grammar checker apps available, you can be unsure which one to use. In a moment, we will go through seven of the best, but first, let us talk about why it's so important to test grammar checkers before using them.
Google Docs
Google Docs is a Google-provided free online word processor. It is a simple way to provide one document that several people can comment on and modify, so you may have used it to collaborate on documents with others, whether at work or school.
Google Docs has a powerful built-in spell and grammar checker highlighting spelling and grammatical errors with a red wiggly underline and a blue wiggly underline, respectively.
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is so widely used that chances are you have used it at least once in your life. While you might think of Office Online as a piece of software installed on your computer (it comes pre-installed on Windows PCs), it is also available as a free online version from Office.com.
A double blue underline indicates grammatical errors, while a wiggly red underline indicates spelling errors in Microsoft Word. You will see possible corrections and (for grammar errors) a brief description by right-clicking.
Grammarly is a well-known grammar checker app for which you might have seen advertisements.
Though more advanced features (such as the ability to detect passive voice abuse) are only available in the premium edition of Grammarly, the free version has a lot to offer. You can test it out by copying and pasting your text into the Grammarly website, but for long-term use, you will probably want to install it as a Chrome extension or a Microsoft Office download.
ProWritingAid is a service that assists writers with their writing projects.
It is packed with features, including various reports that can detect items like overused words, cliches, and more.
With statistics like "The sentence variety was higher than 56 percent of ProWritingAid users," you can see how your work compares to that of other ProWritingAid users.
No app can replace careful self-editing or hiring a professional editor for study help to do your task. On the other hand, apps can be a helpful backup and can also help you improve your ability to spot your errors.
So, if you are writing assignment for university, then any of these might be a good fit for you.Besides, they all give a free trial, it is worth trying a few to see which one you prefer.
Suppose you do not know where to start. Grammarly and ProWritingAid are two of my favourites. Grammarly is a great all-around checker with in-depth descriptions, and ProWritingAid is a great all-around checker with comprehensiv

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