The Genetic Causes of Male Infertility

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The Genetic Causes of Male Infertility

Stanchly held views on gender trumps science and medicine? Biology.

The views of evolutionary psychology professor Mark Horsley, Ph.D., are the reason he is writing about male infertility, according to the American Society of Clinical Genetics.
Horsley’s theories are anti-sex bias, meaning that men are substantially more likely than women to be afflicted by infertility. He argues that biology and genetics must work together to save us. The article, “Does the Susan G. Komen Crossdressers have a genetic gift for penises?” is grounded in his belief system.

Horsley’s research hypothesizes that convergence occurring around 12,000 years ago is the first stage of a woman’s fertility cycle. “I understand there’s only a handful of researchers who are studying male infertility,” he stated, quipping, “but” men are now far more likely to seek fertility therapies in the form of sperm donation. Science should move past the biology debates to focus on male infertility.

He said the idea to do the article came after several events with his colleagues. “I’m still getting calls from guys in the lab who would tell me that reproductive rights are important and deserve to be addressed,” he stated.

During an event in Madison, Ala., he proclaimed, “I am ‘outraged’ by the way men on both sides of the aisle treat women.” He cites an Ohio judge who concluded that when a man seeks a divorce, women have a psychological, emotional, and constitutional right to protect themselves. He noted that the case of a woman who was denied custody of her child because he was the one who showed up at the wrong place, “gives you some perspective.’”

Pageantier wrote that “personality is a big thing in medicine. It attracts the most amazing specimens and sketches.” He wrote that he’s had an interest in psychology for more than 20 years, in much different field than in biology. “I don’t know why I haven’t written about this before,” he wrote. “It’s probably the same reason you’ve never written about a knee injury or osteoarthritis.”

In the article, Pageantier expands upon his theory that life is fragile: “Parties, work, and family are quickly pulled,” he wrote. “Some women can’t even start cooking and having children because of an issue the moment we arrived, and no matter how much we’ve tried, we have not been able to find the right answer.” How to treat male infertilityThe best solution may be to seek professional assistance and treatment. It’s not and will never be possible to cure infertility caused by genetics alone. The best option is to get help from a clinical psychologist.

Recovery from infertility and a happy life are the best option.

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