Store your towels

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Store your towels

Regardless of which towel size you choose, it is good to keep in mind how much storage you have at home.

Larger towels, of course, take up more space, but the space of the towels also needs to be affected by other factors that you may not think about in the first place.

Tighter towels mean that they are fuller, which in turn means that they take up more space. We immerse ourselves in the density of towels a little further down.

Towel Design & Color

Towels come in many different patterns and designs. Which pattern and design are most beautiful and suits you, and your bathroom is completely personal.

When choosing a towel based on a certain design or pattern, you can think about what feeling they will create in the bathroom and home. In the same way, it is good to keep in mind which towel color you choose. How will they interact with the tile and furniture in the bathroom?

Towels in a classic plump design without a pattern are usually reminiscent of luxurious spa towels and can give the bathroom a soothing impression and feeling.

Patterned towels, on the other hand, can make the bathroom a little more playful and interesting, especially if they are combined with a beautiful color that reflects your personality.

Dare to experiment with towels and use them in your interior. By changing towels, you can, in a very simple way, give the bathroom a completely new feeling and look.

Towel tightness

A towel is often measured in grams per square meter which is abbreviated to g / m² or gsm (grams per square meter). G / m² is the measure of the towel's density, i.e., how many grams of cotton the towel consists of per square meter.

It is easy to associate tightness with the quality of the towel, but it is not entirely true. Of course, you more often find denser towels in the luxury segment rather than in the budget segment, but that does not mean that quality is measured mobile-only. We summarize a couple of points that can affect the quality of the towel a little further down.

How many g / m² does a tight towel have?

320 - 500 g / m²
This is one of the lightest and most airy towels. They usually do not have the same ability to absorb larger amounts of water, but they usually dry faster.

500 - 700 g / m²
A good rule of thumb is that towels over 500 g / m² are usually considered denser towels. Luxury collections usually have a density of 600 g / m² and up.

700 - 800 g / m²
Towels with a density of 700 g / m² and more are full and are perceived as soft and comfortable. It is often more than twice as much cotton as in the cheaper and thinner towels. The very best towels usually also have a higher density.

Advantages and disadvantages of lower g / m² towels?

The advantages of towels that have a lower density are that they generally dry faster. One of the reasons is that they have less cotton and thus are thinner, which in turn can affect the amount of liquid they can absorb.

A towel with a lower g / m² will, of course, not be as full as a towel with a high density and is thus not perceived as fluffy and soft.

From a design perspective, terry towels with a density of 350-400 g / m² can have more space between the loops and thus not be perceived as full even visually. This is especially true if the towel has long loops as more cotton is used on a shorter surface for the length of the loop.

Hammam towels often have a lower g / m² value and are excellent for picnics and the beach, for example.

Advantages and disadvantages of higher g / m² towels?

A higher g / m² value contributes to a softer and fuller towel and is, therefore, more often associated with a more luxurious towel.

Visually, the higher g / m² towels give fullness and thus a feeling of softness regardless of whether the loops are short or long. Good to think about if you want to give the bathroom a slightly more luxurious feeling with fuller towels.

A denser towel gives more loops on a smaller surface which can thus absorb water more efficiently. It is an important, but not crucial, factor for you who are looking for towels with good absorbency.

Feel free to choose towels with a high g / m² value if you like soft and comfortable towels to wrap yourself in after a shower and bath, for example.

As a denser towel can absorb more water, it also requires a little longer drying time. Remember to hang up the beach towels in bulk after use and make sure that the air circulates in the room, so you shorten the drying time considerably and keep the fresh towel longer.

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