8 Stylish Beach Towels and Towels for The Beach and Home

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8 Stylish Beach Towels and Towels for The Beach and Home

8 Stylish Beach Towels and Towels for The Beach and Home

Summer baths and days on the beach are gilded by a soft and comfortable bath towel. In addition, the towel can be nice too, either in the summer's lovely colors or in a timeless vintage that makes it easy to use the towel at home all year round.

1. Towel in Organic Cotton

Towel in organic cotton. The classic one-color towel is available in white, light gray, beige, dark gray, blue, and light pink.

2. Large Bath Towel

Towel in terry cotton. Perfect on the beach, thanks to its generous dimensions of 90 x 150 centimeters. Available in black, white, gray, and yellow.

3. Hammam Towel in Cotton

Towel in cotton with lashes in hammam style. Herewith are blue stripes, also available with details in beige and in several different sizes.

4. Patterned Beach Towel

White and beige patterned towel in cotton terry with fringes along the short sides, and is also available in a blue and white variant.

5. Beach towel with stripes

Waffled gray towel, which, thanks to its size, 90 x 145 centimeters, is practical both on the beach and in the bathroom. The towel is woven in a waffle pattern, is made of organic cotton.

6. Luxurious cotton towel

Towel in air-spun yarn of Turkish cotton that gives a soft and fluffy feeling to the skin, but at the same time absorbs effectively. Available in beige, light gray, dark blue, dark gray, and white.

7. Classic Cotton Towel

The towel in size 100 x 150 centimeters fits perfectly on the beach this summer. In addition, it can be combined with towels from the same series in different sizes for a uniform impression in the bathroom. Available in a variety of colors, here above in Vintage green.

8. Striped bath towels

Classic striped bath towel in gray and white, The bath towel is 70 x 150 centimeters in size, and in the same series, there are towels in different sizes.

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