Is it good to tumble dry towels?

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Is it good to tumble dry towels?

If you follow our blog, you have probably just read how often to wash your towels. We talked, among other things, about keeping your towels separate during use and trying to hang them outstretched to dry as soon as you use them.

Towels come in direct contact with our skin on a daily basis. We rub them against hands, face, and body, and in this way, we can transfer bacteria to the towels. In order to manage the laundry, it is therefore especially important that we hang up the towels after use, preferably in a space with good air circulation.

It also helps if they are outstretched and not lumpy. Once you have washed your towels, how do you dry them efficiently?

As soon as the washing machine has finished washing, you should take out the towels, shake them off and get them ready for drying. Of course, there are different ways to dry your towels, and dryers are only one option.

How to dry towels?

The ability to dry your textiles depends very much on your living situation. Each way of drying has its pros and cons.

Dryers are a popular alternative as the towels dry relatively quickly, and they get a soft and comfortable feeling after drying.

You usually get a warm and comfortable feeling in the textiles if you take them out immediately after drying them in a drying cabinet.

Indoor air drying usually requires a little more surface. It should be possible to hang the towels outstretched and not folded, preferably in a room where the air circulation is good.

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Air drying outdoors to let nature do the work is fine if you live in a terraced house or villa, but it is all the more difficult if you live in an apartment, provided you do not have a large balcony, that is. What is the difference between the different ways of drying towels?

Should you tumble dry towels?

Many people like to tumble dry their towels. Several blogs also recommend that you do this to make the towels soft and lovely. Of course, the towels can get a softer and more comfortable feeling after tumble drying, but we would still not recommend doing so.

Did you know that it takes from 1.5 to 4 times more energy to tumble dry the laundry than to machine wash it? A dryer is terribly much more energy-intensive than a washing machine and thus a not so cheap or environmentally friendly alternative.

Textiles wear every time you tumble dry them. The fibers in the cotton are destroyed, which means that the towel and your other clothes, for example, are not as beautiful and durable in the long run.

If you want towels that last a long time and are nice for several years, you should not tumble dry them often. Tumble drying, however, is the fastest and easiest way to get the towels dry. You do not even have to hang them up for drying. Just fold them up nicely when the machine is ready.

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