Benefits of Microfiber Towels

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Benefits of Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels have many benefits, and one may wonder that they are not yet more prevalent than they are. They are handy in all respects where you may need a towel, whether it's for the bathroom, the journey south, the trip to the gym, or backpacking halfway around the world.

- A microfiber towel takes up very little space. In fact, many times less than a similar cotton towel.

- A microfiber towel weighs very little. The small ones all the way down to 58 grams. The large bath towel is between 200 and 330 grams.

- A microfiber towel can absorb an impressive amount of liquid. Between 3 and 6 times its own weight, depending on the model. So you can easily settle for a smaller towel than you usually do, as it does not just stop sucking.

- A microfiber towel dries lightning fast. Most microfiber towels can be twisted after use and can already absorb more afterward. Even large microfiber bath towels air dry completely in quite a few hours.

- Many microfiber towels are sand-repellent. This means that the towel will not be filled with sticky sand when you are on the beach.

- Many microfiber towels are antibacterial and odorless. So it is over with sour towels in the sports bag, and the towel can also easily be reused up to several times before washing.

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