Bath towels - Turkish towels

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Bath towels - Turkish towels

Soft bath towels give the most wonderful feeling when you come out of the bath and have to dry yourself. It does not have to be an old stiff towel that tears you all over your body, and it deserves neither you nor anyone else.

Therefore, always make sure to have some bath towels of the most delicious quality lying on the bathroom shelf. I will help you find out in this article where we have looked at the best bath towels.

Turkish hammam towels

It should be no secret that I am a fan of hammam towels, which this site is really about, and therefore the modern hammam towels should also be mentioned.

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These are towels made of soft cotton that can absorb a lot of water and still feel comfortable against the skin. They are made in a modern design and are often available with beautiful patterns or. in different colors so you can give your bathroom a fresh breath.

A hammam towel is also multifunctional as it is also very suitable for beach towels and picnic blankets.

Sustainable bamboo towel

Bamboo is the textile material of the decade because the consumer and not least the manufacturers have opened their eyes to the material. It is super sustainable as bamboo grows many meters a year and does not require much to produce. However, the challenge with bamboo production is still that most of it take place in China, which continues to create long-distance transport.

It is nevertheless sustainable and more sustainable than many alternatives. In addition, bamboo towels are super soft and robust, just as it has other good properties: it is antibacterial, moisture-transporting, absorbent and natural, etc.

Bath towels

This is also a bath towel that is very suitable for the beach, which specializes in items for you who like to swim in the sea all year round. That type of item is certainly also robust and has good durability.

Winter bathers typically bathe all year round, but some slightly different equipment is needed when it actually winters.

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