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Click Speed Test

Find out how fast you can click with the CPS test. CPS test allows you to test how fast you can click on the mouse.

What is a CPS Test?

A CPS test measures the number of clicks you can do on your mouse in a set amount of time. It's a simple yet addictive game that tells you how fast (or slow) you can click before the time's up.

The CPS test tool allows you to test your clicks per second and determine your score. It's great for killing time, de-stressing, or as a way of getting a higher CPS score.

How to Use the CPS Test Tool

Here's how to use the CPS test tool:

Set your time: The default setting is 5 seconds. You can increase or decrease the time, depending on the period you want to test your CPS for.

Start clicking: Click as quickly as you can in the "Click here to start" box. Keep clicking until the counter hits zero.

Check your score:When your time's up, the counter will automatically show you your score.

Try again!: Click "Start again" to take the test again. You can take the test as many times as you like to try and improve your score.

How Are Clicks Per Second Calculated?

Once the test time has elapsed, you will be able to obtain your final score which will be presented in CPS (clicks per second).

This result in CPS calculates the average number of clicks made compared to the duration of the CPS tester; i.e. a ratio of the number of clicks by the number of seconds played (CPS = number of clicks / number of seconds).

The faster you click your mouse, the higher the CPS counter will score.

How to Improve Clicks Per Second?

There are different methods you can try to improve your CPS, including:

Jitter clicking

Jitter clicking is a method developed by the Minecraft PvP community, enabling players to click a computer mouse quickly.

Although this method is widely used for games such as Minecraft that require maximum speed and a high number of clicks in a short time, the CPS test has become a highly competitive online game and a digital sport all by itself.

This has led to the emergence of techniques that increase the number of clicks, such as the jitter click and butterfly click techniques.

Butterfly clicking

Butterfly clicking is a mouse click method developed by professional Minecraft PvP players that enables players to click on the computer mouse faster.

Although this method is widely used in games such as Minecraft that require maximum speed and number of clicks in a short time.

The CPS test itself, which is used to measure the number of clicks, has become a highly competitive and addictive online game and digital sport over time.

Drag Clicking

Involves moving your finger from the top of your mouse to the edge, hitting the button as you move. This is the fastest known method to get a high CPS score. When done properly, you can reach 25-100 clicks per second.

How Many Clicks Per Second is Considered Fast?

Here's a scale of what's generally considered a fast CPS score:

1. Slow: 0-5
2. Average: 5-8
3. Moderately fast: 8-10
4. Fast: 10+

How Do You Get a High CPS?

Practice makes perfect. The only way to beat the world record for the fastest CPS score is to take the test often.

Rumour has it that if you use the CPS test tool for just 10 minutes every day, you can increase your score!

What is CPS in Minecraft?

Clicks per second in Minecraft tests how many times a player can click per second within the game. A faster CPS is critical for success in Minecraft, since it helps determine PvP performance. A high CPS can help you:

1. Win a fight: In PvP Combat, a CPS higher than 10 can increase your chances of hitting the enemy.

2. Bridging: A faster clicking speed can help you build and lay blocks quicker, which has unlimited benefits in Minecraft.

3. Wall building: The quicker you click, the quicker you can build defense walls around you!

Why Pay Attention To CPS Techniques?

Soon after Minecraft became popular, lots of different types of game modes and themes of servers popped up, and of course one of the major ones was always PvP.

One of the first early examples of PvP servers would be Hunger Games, which was a Minecraft version of battle royale where players gathered loot and fought in order to become the last one standing.

Soon after, BedWars and SkyWars - game modes that are still popular to this day - become well known. Both those games consist of a series of islands. Players spawn on one of the islands and engage in combat with other players - these games can also be played in teams in separate modes.

Needless to say, CPS became important almost immediately in all these types of games, when players could simply register hits faster to enemies if they clicked faster.

After the release of Minecraft Java Edition version 1.9, by default, Minecraft added a cooldown to attacks, which negates CPS benefits.

PvP servers usually remove this across all Minecraft versions, but if you see a sword icon in your crosshair after your attack, this means any further attacks will have reduced damage to avoid making use of CPS advantages.

This was done to make normal Minecraft gameplay, like Survival and Creative game modes, more mainstream, appealing, and accessible.

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