CS: GO Crosshair Generator in 2022

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CS: GO Crosshair Generator in 2022

Shooting games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive use various types of HUDs, i.e. user interfaces, which allow one way or another to find out about the situation in the game. The HUD also includes a viewfinder, i.e. a graphic symbol in the center of the screen, which allows us to lead the lead balls directly into the silhouettes of our opponents.

Whether you like it or not, you will be looking at the crosshair throughout the game and it would be good if you were comfortable with it. Especially at the beginning of your adventure with the game, it is good to find a setting that will make it easier for you to aim. These settings can be changed in the game itself but can be confusing to enter. In this article, we will talk about what parameters affect the crosshair and how to find a good Crosshair Generator for CS GO.

What is the CS: GO sight generator for?

Why is a well-chosen sight so important? Because each of us has a slightly different way of seeing. When you start the game and are just learning about how a weapon works, the dynamic sight is very helpful in absorbing the spreads found in various rifles and pistols. Once you have them in your blood, though, the dynamic sighting can distract you. Some people like the dot in the center as a reference point, others prefer to get rid of it and trust their sense of dispersion without dragging it towards the center of the sight.

Changing one parameter at a time can lead to you creating an abomination that you don't know how to handle. The CS: GO crosshair generator allows you to quickly preview different options without worrying that you will be left with something absolutely uncomfortable in the game.

What does the viewfinder generator for CS: GO consist of?

To use the generator successfully, you need to know what crosshair settings are available in CS: GO. Below you will find a list of parameters influencing the viewfinder's appearance.

Style (cl_crosshairstyle)

There are six crosshair styles set up in CS: GO. 0 - the default, with a dot, a border, and dynamic scatter lines. 1 - static by default, i.e. with a dot and dashes, but not moving apart when shooting and walking. 2 - classic, i.e. without a dot on the center and moving apart when you move and shoot. 3 - classic dynamic, consisting actually only of widely spaced lines showing the size of the spread. 4 - classic static, i.e. stationary cross. 5 - a'la CS 1.6 - a small cross that widens when shooting.

Transparency (cl_crosshairalpha)

The slightly translucent viewfinder may be less eye-catching in subdued terrain. Setting this parameter to 0 will make the crosshair disappear. Setting it to 255 means no transparency at all.

Color (cl_crosshaircolor)

You can choose the color! The predefined colors are red (0), green (1), yellow (2), blue (3), and light blue (4). There is also slot number 5 which allows you to recall your own color. It is set using RGB parameters (red / green / blue). This allows you to get white (255 255 255), pink (255 125 200), or even black (0 0 0).

A dot (cl_crosshairdot)

This parameter determines whether there is a dot (1) or not (0) in the center of the crosshair.

Break (cl_crosshairgap)

It allows you to determine how big the gap between the sight lines is. "0" means no break, and such a "5" is a medium widespread.

Size (cl_crosshairsize)

With this parameter, you can define how long the crosshairs are. "0" removes them, "4" is the standard, and after "10" a slight bend begins.

Line thickness (cl_crosshairthickness)

As the name suggests, this parameter affects the thickness of the crosshair. The minimum is "0.5", and "2" is quite thick.

Stroke (cl_crosshair_drawoutline)

Determines whether the crosshair elements still have a black outline (with setting "1") or not (with "0").

Stroke thickness (cl_crosshair_outlinethickness)

If you decide that the crosshair should have an outline, use this parameter to set how thick it should be. When set to "2", the contour is already quite visible.


For CS: GO players, the sight generator is a solution that allows not only to further personalize the entertainment but also to facilitate the game and gain more skill in shooting game. Although the options available in the game allow you to change the crosshair settings, online generators or maps with such options allow you to achieve the desired effect more easily and even test it in battle before returning to online games.

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