Taixu Illusion

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Taixu Illusion

"Yes, the court should select a number of officials who are proficient in finance to manage this account, and these officials, it is best to come from the army, so that they can share weal and woe with the soldiers and know their warmth and coldness. If the number of people is a little more, they can supervise each other, and it is not easy to play tricks.". The monthly accounts of income and expenditure should be made public to the whole army, so that soldiers can know that every penny is ultimately spent on themselves. After a pause, Rong Ruo added, "Also, we should be kind to the families of those who sacrificed their lives for the country. Any family that has young and strong people serving in the army will be exempted from taxes until the soldiers of his family come home. If their family members die in battle, their families will be exempted from taxes and labor for ten years. We should also build a home for the aged to support the elderly whose sons died in battle and who have no one to depend on. We should build a school to teach the children of soldiers who died in battle to read. Let every soldier know that if they die fighting for their country, their parents, wives and children will receive the best care. He was silent for a moment, and finally he couldn't help saying, "I don't want to know anymore that when someone died in battle, he was afraid that his mother would die of hunger and cold because he couldn't send his pay to his mother.". I no longer want to know that the poor old mother, looking forward to every day, can not look forward to the son who died for the country, but can only die helpless in poverty and illness. Chen Yifei is in a stirring mood: "Childe is well-intentioned, and Yifei deeply admires him.". But to really implement it, it also needs a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Rong Ruo smiled: "Things are not afraid of being difficult,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, but I'm afraid you don't have the heart to do it.". I'm sure Uncle Qi will agree with me after listening to my opinion. He thinks, say again: "I still hope to be able to establish military postal system." "Military Mail?" "Yes, soldiers are often far away from their hometowns, and those who guard border towns are unable to go home and see their relatives for eight or ten years. At this time, a letter from home can be worth ten thousand gold, but ordinary people are illiterate, and thousands of miles away, letters are difficult to send,12v High Torque Motor, so I hope to set up military post offices in various places.". The military post office provides free pens, paper and envelopes, and official librarians help people write letters for free. Then put them in different categories according to the different military regions to be sent. Every five or ten days, the letters were taken away by special military posts and fast horses, and distributed to different places according to the letters of different regions. In this way, it was not necessary to ask someone to carry the letters alone. Every time, as long as one person rode a fast horse and carried a large cloth bag, he could bring all the letters received by the whole army. Then, if the soldiers want to write back, the military can also arrange for special people to help them write letters, and then classify them according to the different places where the letters are to be sent, and bring them back by the officials responsible for sending letters, pass them on and off one by one, and finally distribute them to the military post office, where the soldiers'families go to pick up the letters themselves. Chen Yifei's face could no longer be controlled, showing the color of shock, micro gear motor ,small geared motors, staring at Rong Ruo: "Childe, how did you think of these things?" Rong Ruo smiled: "Is my idea feasible?" Chen Yifei was excited: "I ask myself that I love soldiers like children, but I can never be as considerate as Childe. Considering their greatest needs, whether it is silver, family, or mood, Childe thinks so deeply, I.." He was so excited that he could hardly speak in an orderly way.He said that there were ninety old men, who were famous for hundreds of battles, and were afraid of strong enemies. When they were old, they were unable to carry a sword across the horse, but the emperor smiled and held the commander's seal. He said, as long as your old general is in front of the battle, the enemy will retreat, why do you need to move the horse to carry a sword. He said that the white-robed hero, one horse and one gun, attacked back and forth in millions of divisions, and thousands of troops could not be stopped. He also said that the beauty peerless,Small Geared Motors, before the marriage, back to the horse a gun, is in love. ichgearmotor.com

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