Medical career and official career

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Medical career and official career

At this time, the restaurant department called, but it was Shi Shengli who brought seven or eight people over for dinner. Duan Jinlong really had a headache. He ordered the restaurant department to take care of the hospitality of good wine and good food. If he was looking for him, he would say he was not there. Putting down the phone, Duan Jinlong said angrily, "It's really difficult for him to do business now. He has to take care of everything. If any stick of incense is not burned, he will offend the ordinary Bodhisattva. Is he doing business or being a grandson?" Not only did he vent his dissatisfaction with Shi Shengli, but it also included Zhang Defang. The longer he got along with Zhang Defang, the bigger Duan Jinlong's appetite became, but now he was trapped in it and could not get away. Zhong Haiyan said softly: "Duan Zong, maybe there are too many unpleasant things during this period of time. Everything will get better after this period of time." Duan Jinlong nodded and said, "I hope so." After Zhong Haiyan left, Duan Jinlong looked at Zhong Haiyan's wriggling buttocks and scolded him viciously in the bottom of his heart. Zhong Haiyan was a chess piece laid by Zhang Defang beside him. Any movement of him was clearly grasped by Zhang Defang. Duan Jinlong suddenly remembered what Zhang Yang had said. He wanted him to leave Haitian. Maybe it was not a bad thing to leave. Zhang Defang was like a vampire who could never be fed. If he continued to stay in Haitian, he would be squeezed dry by him sooner or later. While Haitian was still valuable, he would transfer it, leave Haitian and Nancy, and go to other places to develop his own career. Just when Duan Jinlong's heart began to loosen,grey marble slab, an unexpected thing happened. Shi Shengli and his seven friends all had poisonous food after lunch in the sea and the sky. One by one, they were foaming at the mouth and fell to the ground on the spot. When Duan Jinlong heard the news, he almost fainted and hurried to the scene. Zhong Haiyan had already arrived at the hotel department before him. The sound of an ambulance came from outside. Shi Shengli's men were all lying on the ground, their faces blue, their lips purple, foaming at the mouth, their vomit everywhere in the room,Slate Wall Panel, and the smell was extremely bad. Duan Jinlong came to Zhong Haiyan in a panic: "How could this happen?"? How did this happen? Zhong Haiyan is also pale, she does not know exactly what was born, only know that Shi Shengli's gang here to order food to eat, eating on the accident. When the emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they immediately decided to send these people to the hospital for emergency treatment. Shi Shengli lay there, knowing it in his heart. He remembered the secret conversation between Zhang Yang and him. Zhang Yang smiled and handed him a small bottle: "As long as you pour the contents into the wine, you will show the symptoms of food poisoning, and you can't find it even if you go to the hospital." "I won't be poisoned, will I?" Asked Shi Shengli. Zhang Yang said, "It's all right. I'm just showing symptoms. I feel a little uncomfortable and it's not serious. Everything will return to normal after six hours. But in order to show a little more lifelike, you may have to have gastric lavage." Shi Shengli hesitated and said, "You won't be seen through, Carrara Marble Slab ,White Marble Slabs, will you?" Zhang Yang said, "I'll try to show you. You can rest assured that no one can see through it." Shi Shengli's thoughts returned to reality. He saw the medical staff busy around him. A little nurse was busy taking his blood pressure. It should be that the dosage was a little bigger. Not only did he vomit, foam at the mouth, but he also had diarrhea below. The whole person is too weak to have any strength. He looked at the old man with a pitiful look, but he had no strength to speak. Shi Zhongheng pointed at him and said, "You." Chen Fenglan kept wiping her tears and said, "Old Shi, don't scold him. He's like this. He almost lost half his life." [One more chapter] [db: wangzhi] Chapter 579 [forcing the dog into the alley] (I). wWw. Chapter 579 of the xiAoshUot xt. COm (Part I) The attending doctor came to meet Shi Zhongheng and said to Shi Zhongheng,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, "Secretary Shi, thanks to the timely rescue, the eight of them should have nothing to do. They can be discharged as long as they are hospitalized for observation for four hours." 。

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