One of the online games, Gun Biao Blood

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One of the online games, Gun Biao Blood

The whole body of the minivan was swept into the air by the raging fire, and then hit the ground heavily. Wu Hua raised his gun and rushed up like lightning. Snow Night Fairy and Lily of the Valley coughed and struggled to climb out of the car. The explosion not only reduced their HP by half, but also choked them with smoke and burned them all over their bodies. When Lily of the valley opened her eyes, she found Wu Hua standing in front of her, holding a gun and staring at herself with an expressionless face, her eyes staring at herself like two knives. Seeing that the situation was not good,316 stainless steel plate, she quickly waved her hand and said, "Wait, I.." Wu Hua did not allow her to speak at all. The desert boots suddenly stepped on her face, her mouth was blocked, and then the sand eagle's bolt slid rapidly. Bang, bang, bang! Three golden bullet casings flew out of the chamber and fell to the ground with a clear sound. Lily of the valley's head blossomed on the spot,uns s32750 sheet, blood splashed on Wu Hua's face, and she didn't even have time to scream. The close MM stayed, the dragon fights the star wild also to stay, this blue sea company Niubi insufferably arrogant soldier unexpectedly ends up such an end. Snow night fairy's heart is rising up an unprecedented sense of fear. She thought she was ruthless enough, but Wu Hua was even more ruthless than her. He didn't even blink at such a cruel killing. Let me explain. The Snow Night Fairy struggled to get up, and Wu Hua came over like a ghost. The gun was less than 3 meters away from her head. I won't kill you. Wu Hua said coldly. The Snow Night Fairy breathed a sigh of relief. But this is impossible. Then the sand eagle rang again, and the Snow Night Fairy opened her mouth wide. —5188! The same shot, the same green damage value, the retribution comes very quickly. The AE bullet hit her throat, spurting out like a blood arrow, and her fate, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns s31803 sheet, like the Lily of the valley, turned into white light. I won't let you go. It was the last words of the Snow Night Fairy before she died, and her voice was extremely resentful.
After experiencing a series of soul-stirring battles in front of them, the three of them were just startled at the moment, and then immediately calmed down. Even the pro-MM was particularly calm. Of course, all three of them had doubts in their hearts: How did the Matrix catch up with us? How did he get down? And this, I'm afraid, will always be a mystery. Long Zhan Xing Ye relaxed his muscles and bones, slowly pulled out the K57 army thorn, and the front showed a piercing blue light. Perhaps he did not know that Murong Longcheng had infected more than 50 players in the pursuit ahead. At the moment, the level had soared to a terrible level of 36. Even after being shot at you, the HP was still as high as 60,000 points. Without saying a word, the two sides began to work. When Murong Longcheng's claws set off a strong wind, Longzhan Xingye's military thorns stuck to his wrist, and then turned up to ward off the claws. A string of dirty blood sprinkled, Murong Longcheng's head immediately floated out of the "488" red damage value, although the damage is very small, but Wu Hua was surprised, the attack power of Longzhan Xingye did not seem to drop much, we can see the sharpness of this military thorn, blue is blue. MM carrying a pocket camera is also frightened, this is probably the only one who dares to attack zombies in this mission,347 stainless steel, because the fighting skills of the Dragon Battle Star Field are too strong. Chapter 33 Fate Joke The third more offer, ask for recommendation vote support! —————— In a way, the combat skills in Star Wars are actually more powerful than the skills.

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