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There are people in the depths of silence.

"Yes." yuan Feifei glanced at Pei Yun and said happily, "You live in Jinshan. Of course everything is all right." She was joking, but when Pei Yun heard it, her face turned white and she stopped talking. She turned around and bowed her head in a daze. yuan Feifei:? She poked the melons on the plate with chopsticks, tied them into a string of melons and took them to the bed. Cry bag, eat for you too. Pei Yun shook her head and whispered, "Just eat." yuan Feifei frowned. "What's the matter with you?" Pei Yun does not speak, the head is more low. yuan Feifei asked several times in a good voice, but Pei Yun still did not speak. yuan Feifei was so angry that he hit the bed with a bang. Pei Yun was so frightened that she shivered. yuan Feifei narrowed his eyes and said, "I don't like your dead face. If you have something to say, I'll leave." Pei Yun was frightened by her, and her eyes were red. yuan Feifei: "Do you dare to cry?" Pei Yun's tears, like a broken line, crackled down. yuan Feifei: ".." When yuan Feifei was defeated, she wiped her face and sighed, "All right, all right. Don't be angry." Pei Yun listens to her to say so, in the heart more aggrieved, the tears flow more fierce. But though he cried, he did not make a sound, and swallowed everything into his stomach, only tears trickled down. yuan Feifei was very upset, but she ate people's mouth short,ultrasonic generator driver, not to mention that she was holding stolen goods in her hand, and she could not scold others again. yuan Feifei tried to put his hand on Pei Yun's back, and Pei Yun's back froze in an instant. Give you a smooth breath. yuan Feifei said, stroking Pei Yun's back with his palm. Pei Yun at first does not adapt, slowly also relaxed the body, lets behind the small hand up and down. After a while, Pei Yun stopped crying, leaving only a few sobs from time to time. yuan Feifei was patient and said,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, "Are you ready?" Pei Yun gave a low hum, and yuan Feifei immediately took his hand away. She took a bite of the melon string and said, "Wipe your face clean. When the gentleman comes back, don't think I bullied you." Pei Yun: "It is.." yuan Feifei didn't hear clearly. "What?" Pei Yun shook his head and said no more. yuan Feifei looked at Pei Yun, he lowered his head, his long hair in front of his forehead in front of his face, half covering his eyebrows and eyes, a sudden look, really showing some haggard meaning. yuan Feifei was rarely softhearted and said, "Crying bag, pay more attention to your body." Pei Yun looked up at her. "Show me your tongue," said yuan Feifei. Pei Yun saw that yuan Feifei's expression was not like a joke. "Why did you stick out your tongue?" She asked. yuan Feifei: "You don't care first, stretch out me to have a look." Pei Yun was a little embarrassed, but she opened her mouth and put her tongue out slowly. yuan Feifei took one look and said, "All right." Pei Yun pursed her lips and said, "Are you treating me?" yuan Feifei raised his eyebrows, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, "do you know?" Pei Yun chuckled and said, "The herbalist my mother found for me also let me stick out my tongue." yuan Feifei snorted and said, "What do they say about you?" Pei Yun: "Tell me about you first." yuan Feifei said, "Your whole body is weak,toward the door. Somebody! Somebody-! He gave a few loud shouts, and the singers outside shut up. After a while, he heard the sound of rattling in the corridor. A boy came in from outside and said respectfully, "What do you want, young master?" Pei Yun's face was full of anger. "Who's out there?" She shouted. The boy also understood what had happened. With a bitter face, he said, "It was a little girl who had been taught in front of me. I told her to practice her voice,ultrasonic molten metal, but who knew she had come here to practice. It was the little one who didn't watch her. So I took her back." Pei Yun was still angry. "Nothing in the front yard is allowed to be brought into the house. Don't you know?" The boy knelt down and kowtowed, constantly admitting his mistake. "Damn the little one, damn the little one." 。

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