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Lord Shangshu is easy to bow down.

This time, Mrs. Ren and her party, Xie yuanniang can be sure that her mother will take people to the banquet, the hairpin was sent out, and she was afraid that Ren Zhen would be embarrassed to wear it that day, Xie yuanniang said this. Ren Zhen although the temperament is timid, but also is not the person who does not know the reason, before the hand is bald already let Xie elder sister look, she has done so much now, also is not to want her to feel embarrassed just. Such an intention, such a mind, and then think of what the mother did, Ren Zhen nose some acid, "thank you sister, thank you." An outsider can pay attention to her feelings, but why are her relatives not as good as an outsider? Ren Zhen, who had always been weak, burst out with such an idea for the first time. Xie yuan-niang did not want her to be embarrassed, but patted her hand and said nothing. Not long after, Jing'an Hospital also sent someone to say that Mrs. Ren was leaving. Xie yuanniang sent Ren Zhen out. Mrs. Ren was very happy. She said a few words with Xie yuanniang with a rare smile. Xie Wenhui, standing beside Kong,artificial coconut palm trees, noticed the enamel hairpin on Ren Zhen's bun. After seeing off the mother and daughter of the Ren family, Kong's false smile was replaced by a real smile. "Sister Hui, come here with me. I have something to discuss with you." Two daughters, only did not call Xie yuanniang. Xie yuan-niang took one look and said, "then the daughter will go back first." Xie Wenhui glanced at her, said nothing, and left with her mother. As soon as she entered the warm pavilion, Kong asked Manyun to bring out the jewelry that Mrs. Ren had brought. It was two peach blossom hairpins with a black pearl tassel on them. "You will wear these two hairpins on the day of the banquet at Jia Hou's residence." Kong Shi pushed in front of her daughter,large ficus tree, "You are not young, this autumn will be the same, go out to feast guests also want to dress up well.". When the rent in Chuang Tzu is collected in the autumn, I'll help you buy some good ones. Xie Wenhui twisted her eyebrows. "It's a gift from Mrs. Ren. I wore it that day at the Jia Hou's banquet. I'm afraid Mrs. Ren will look down on our family. I also have a few hairpins that I haven't worn before. Just wear that one.". Although yuan Niang and I are known as Jinling Shuangshu, but also because of talent, my father is the head of the five grades, if you want to compare with those noble families, where can you compare. It's better to face it calmly than to let people talk about it. Kong Shi was stupefied for a moment, then his face was hot again, and he was ashamed of his daughter's words. According to what her daughter said, instead, she was vain and could not recognize the identity of reality. Xie Wenhui didn't want to go to the banquet at Jia Hou's mansion. She couldn't get up the spirit of making clothes and jewelry these two days. She knew that her mother would be annoyed if she said these words, but she didn't want to hold it any longer. Mother will keep these things, I and yuan Niang are twins, every time a good thing mother only miss me, silk olive tree ,faux grass wall, I know is my mother love me, but yuan Niang in the side watching, the house when the people are also watching, can not let the mother has been difficult, not to mention the Zhuangyuan building, yuan Niang reputation, we only know now Xie Fu two girls, Jinling Shuangshu and a few people remember, Let the mother send the jewelry to yuan Niang. It doesn't matter whether the daughter dresses up or not. At the banquet that day, it was naturally yuan Niang that everyone could notice. Xie yuanniang pointed to the box, but Xie Wenhui did not know this. Her expression was slightly congealed and her ears were hot. "So that's it.". Then these things really shouldn't be collected. "Mother has already taken it, and it's not easy to send it back, but I've given her a hairpin as a supplement to my sister." Chapter 239: Deliberately embarrassed. Xie Wenhui smiled reluctantly,decorative palm trees, "I am not as good as my sister's observation on weekdays, and I didn't notice these, which made my sister laugh." 。

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