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Don't pick up your boyfriend in the trash.

Five years ago, Bailey left a meeting to discuss the power management bill and gouged out his eyes in front of everyone in front of the Capitol to protest the unfair treatment of the power. Edward believes that today's society would never be so chaotic if he had not protested in such a bloody way for the so-called "human rights" of the disabled, which led to the introduction of the first law related to the disabled being too loose and other countries following suit. Human rights are for human beings. For human society, whether it is evolution or mutation, the power is always a threatening alien, which needs the control of violent machines. Putting a collar on a wild animal and putting it in a cage, in Edward's view, is the real human right. Now, with the incident in country E adding fuel to the flames, he can finally continue the plan that he did not complete in those years. The TV in the living room, not surprisingly, played news related to Bai Anyi. On the screen is a clear headshot of his face, a file photo taken when he entered school, which is not bad, but unfortunately he did not seize the opportunity to laugh,smartboard for business, the facial lines are clear and cold, looking like a cold inorganic teenager. He has been making headlines in various countries for two consecutive days with this high-definition positive photo, but no one in the world knows where he is now. The blonde leaned against the bathroom door and lit a cigarette. "The world's first possible case of a multi-power person." If you had a power, what would you want? Edward did not hesitate: "See through everyone, see through their powers, lest the powers hide their identity." "What a nuisance." With a cigarette in her mouth,classroom interactive whiteboard, the woman looked at Bai Anyi on TV again. "He looks so young." "Young people get hot in the head." Edward opened his eyes, cleaned his mouth, and began to wash his face again, running the water from the tap. It is said that the institution has been closed, all the working powers have been taken away for investigation, and the official of E country has also cut the relationship with them, saying that it is a private act. Do you believe it? "It has nothing to do with me." Edward said coldly, "As long as the powers wear collars and obey the rules, who has the chance to do anything too much to them?"? It is the most irresponsible way to cause social unrest. Then he raised his head and looked at himself in the mirror to see if there was any green stubble on his chin that needed to be taken care of. The blue eyes of the people in the mirror turned into two colors, one gray and one yellow, interactive panels for education ,interactive boards for classrooms, which was extremely strange. Edward froze. He raised his hand and touched his eyes, but his eyes were so sensitive that tears flowed uncontrollably, stinging his eyelids. Edward stood still for a moment and quickly rubbed his eyes, which creaked in a panic. Moreover, this creature also has a very special kind of strong nature. If the parasite dies of natural causes or at the hands of another creature,smart interactive whiteboard, the creature will immediately leave the body and move to the nearest target. However, if the parasite is killed by a person, the spore will immediately end the symbiotic relationship and transfer directionally to the person who killed the parasite. This is the secret of the so-called "power killer's evolution". Ikekoike remembers that the main systems of all the "capsule" cabins in the organization are connected in one place.

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