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Tianyi nobles by endless how many (the end of the extra complete)

Qi Hua was stupefied, immediately struggled vigorously, the throat constantly issued a whine sound, Qi Xiao laughed cruel: "You guess." Is she obedient? Qi Hua eye canthus crack, mercilessly looking at Qi Xiao, eager to rush up, Qi Xiao shook his head and smiled: "You guess, or you just heard the movement outside?"? Queen Feng is dead. Qi Hua howled in pain, Joy could hardly suppress him, but Qi Xiao smiled more and more comfortably: "Don't worry, I know you can't bear to part with Queen Feng.." I'll send you on your way. Qi Hua listened to this as if to be fixed in general, all of a sudden motionless, Qi Xiao light ridicule: "Let go of his mouth..." Joy did so, and as soon as the veil was removed, Qi Hua tore her heart out and shouted, "Beast!"! My mother is dead as you said, and you still don't let me go! My mother must have a soul in heaven. Qi Xiao stepped forward to interrupt Qi Hua's words with a slap and laughed coldly: "What must be?"? I'm afraid of her?! I'm afraid she's the one who's afraid now. Qi Xiao's eyes were threatening: "After seeing my father and mother on the way to the afterlife, how should she explain?" Qi Hua let Qi Xiao scared to gasp, shaking the body to hide back, Qi Xiao sneer back a step, tone of voice: "The medicine outside should also boil well, go to carry." Send the second prince on his way. Joy was stupefied, but she still poured out the medicine from the medicine hangar outside and brought it in. Several palace people who followed Qi Xiao also came in. Qi Xiao said lightly, "The second prince was very sad when he heard the news of the queen's death. He refused to take the medicine well. You.." Do you know what to do? They promised, no matter how Qi Hua howled and fought, he came forward to subdue the man and poured the medicine. Qi Xiao ordered him to go out of the bedroom and wait quietly outside. After a while, it was quiet inside. He followed Joy out with a complicated face: "Your Highness.." The second prince died. Qi Xiao "um", Joy's face was full of confusion: "That medicine is clearly prescribed by the doctor, how to..." "He was scared to death by himself." Qi Xiao looked coldly at the stove still burning outside the hall, "this let the poison erode the body, and listened to the news of Queen Feng's death, thought that Gu was really going to give him poison." Ha ha, if really poured the medicine to him, a little while the people come to check, the solitary is not clear? Joy understood in an instant. She shook her head and said with a smile, "Your Highness is so scheming!" Qi Xiao quietly looked at the white horizon with a faint smile, Qi Hua also left, the next one, is the emperor. Bow Chapter 110 Qi Xiao did not do delay, only let people will Qi Hua's body a little tidied up and sent someone to send a letter to the imperial clan, they just arrived at the side of the hall of Haiyan, fart | shares haven't sat hot, heard the news also did not care about anything else, immediately hurried over. Hui Lao Wang Ye one head is bigger than two, facial recognition thermometer , if said before the matter of Queen Feng is just a coincidence, then this time will not be a coincidence? Is Qixiao a yaksha who seduces the soul? He went to see Queen Feng, he left Queen Feng hanged himself, he came to see Qi Hua, this time, not wait for Qi Xiao to leave Qi Hua! Qi Xiao looked indifferent and quietly listened to the doctor explaining the cause of Qi Hua's death to the crowd. Several old princes looked at Qi Xiao's indifferent eyes and trembled in their hearts. Is Qixiao starting to collect money one by one? Qi Xiao looked at the king of Ming County and said lightly, "What do you think is the best way to explain it?" 。

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