Tips and Tricks on How to Roll Dice in Craps

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Tips and Tricks on How to Roll Dice in Craps

Rolling dice during a game of craps is as easy as banking them off the back of the table, right? While there are rules on what you can and can’t do, some players think that they’ve mastered the capacity to Roll Dice in such a way that they more reliably produce specific numbers.

Why use a dice roller?

Previously, I wrote an article about dice recourses in case you didn’t want dice roaming the house with little kids everywhere or if there was difficulty utilizing the dice. If you like to keep the dice rather than swapping them, a dice roller can also assist with a lot of the same situations and address a few more:

  • You are playing with young children and dice could be a choking hazard

  • You are in a house with young children and lost dice could be a choking hazard

  • Dice are challenging to pick up to due fine motor skills or arthritis

  • You want to add various sensory experiences for your kids

  • You want to travel with your dice but don’t want to fail them

  • Your players require some help tracking which dice to utilize and a label/designated container can help

  • Dice rollers are a joy and can be themed toward your game! (i.e. due to fine motor skills or arthritis)

  • How to Roll Dice in Craps

    First, it’s essential to know that the dice must beat the back wall of the craps table. If you fail to roll the dice perfectly, the dealer will either give you another try or only select a new shooter. Make sure to hold the dice in one hand, and then roll them the whole span of the table.

    The dice must be visual by the dealer at all times, so avoid bringing them off the table unless you’d like to meet a pit boss.

    Other Rules

    Not all casinos have these rules, but throwing dice above the dealer, slamming dice, bouncing them off the table, or utilizing two hands are frowned upon at all casinos. They also don’t allow you to control your roll for exact outcomes.

    Craps Dice Rolling Techniques

    There are a handful of tips and tricks for more useful dice rolling. Craps dice rolling can enhance the chance of landing the dice a specific way. Some players became so useful at this, craps tables began adding spiked walls to improve randomness during rolls.

    How Not to Roll Dice

    There are a few basics you want to avoid when attempting to become a specialist at craps dice rolling techniques. Don’t hit the dice against the back wall. This aggressive throw will encourage randomness in your rolls. This is fine to do on an opening roll because increased randomness gives you a better opportunity at a seven, the most likely number.

    Set the Point Number Facing Up

    Many technical craps rollers will bring the point number and face it up on the die. This will let you gently float the die to the far wall.

    If you do this perfectly, it should decrease the chances of rolling the numbers on either the left or right of the dice.

    The dice should be rolled end over end, preferably sporadically so that the sides on the left and right of the point numbers don’t reach up.

    Avoiding Sevens

    When setting the dice, place both sixes up with fives fronting in. Taking the dice roll end over end and together, this offers no mixture of a seven. Many pro craps players claim this greatly reduces the occurrence of sevens.

    Stand Closer to the Dealer

    Some casinos will let you shoot craps next to the seller or ‘closest to the stick.’ This way, you’re not throwing the dice as difficult to make it to the back wall of the table, as you’re closer to it. Dice can be controlled better when they roll softer.

    Practice Soft Rolling

    Get two dice at home, and rehearse rolling gently to get exact numbers. As you get good, roll further and further away from you until you can shake the dice off a wall and pre-select the numbers.

    Craps tables are not the only place where you can practice rolling dice! Starting at home, roll close to you, then increase the distance at which you can roll your chosen numbers.

    Pinch Grip Your Craps Dice

    One of the most essential elements of how to roll dice in craps is the grip. Don’t apply the dice in your hand or grab them up in the palm. Set four fingers on the front and the thumb on the back, actually pinching the dice. This keeps them together and assures you’ll make a consistent throw. In general, the palm is sweatier, which breaks the rule of avoiding sticky hands and condensation.

    Two Finger Grip

    Setting the dice together with two fingers on one side and the thumb on the different is also common, but multiple rollers believe it’s not helping to better rolling. Try for yourself and determine what’s best for you.

    Craps Rolling Online

    You can learn how to roll dice in craps, or you can play at online craps sites and remove the dice with a click. This way, you know your chances aren’t being manipulated by a shooter with crap dice-rolling techniques that influence your bet.

    Final Thoughts

    These Tips and Tricks are here to aid you in creating wise choices while playing the game. Your competitor may also be aware of these game tips & tricks, but the player with a more robust technique will eventually win the game.

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