Tetris Super Jackpots Slot Review 2023

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Tetris Super Jackpots Slot Review 2023

Are you interested in playing the Tetris Super Jackpots slot? Hm, tetris has impressed millions of players for more than three decades. It is one of the most well-known video games of all time and is possibly the most well-known game to come out of the Soviet Union.

The game, which was invented by Alexey Pajitnov, is played by dropping tetrominoes, or pieces with four segments each, into a grid with the intention of creating complete lines that will vanish from the screen. The game only ends when your piece stack reaches the top, so the more lines you create, the longer you'll survive.

A Review of Tetris Super Jackpots Slot

In Tetris Super Jackpots slot, one of the newest casino slot machines produced by WMS, the excitement of this well-liked puzzle game has been transferred.

Players will be able to interact with the same objects that they are accustomed to in the video game version in the game, occasionally even in ways that will help them win rewards. Despite the straightforward gameplay, many gamblers will find this to be their favorite because of the theme and a few amusing twists.

1. Building Blocks

One of the more vibrant casino slot machines on the gaming floor is the Tetris Super Jackpots slot. You'll see blocks of all different colors, just like in the video game, and the logo is also made of red, orange, green, yellow, blue, and purple.

On the tall extended screen, a grid-like pattern can be seen behind the reels, with animated pieces continuously descending behind the game. Given the straightforward theme, the graphics don't need to be particularly intricate, but they are still attractive and sharp.

2. Making the Lines

The traditional 3x5 layout is used in the five-reel Tetris Super Jackpots slot. But it adopts an all-ways format rather than the usual payline arrangement. That means there are 243 possible winning combinations since any matching set of numbers from left to right can result in a reward.

As usual, you'll want to line up identical symbols to win, needing three or more consecutively to win. It's interesting to note that this machine has a pay table with only three levels of prizes. The card rank icons, which range from jacks through aces and all pay the same prizes, have the lowest payouts.

Four common tetrominoes follow, all of which, in the middle of the pay table, offer the same payouts. The four-line, a favorite of Tetris players worldwide, is the only high-paying symbol. You can earn 200 coins if you hit five consecutively (multiplied by your bet multiplier, as usual).

3. Clearing the Stack

One of the few machines we've played recently without wild symbols on the main set of reels is this one. Even so, there are a few unique features that can improve your chances of winning. The most important one is the Tetrimino Feature, in which one of the seven game pieces will fall somewhere on or above the reels.

While playing at Bandar101, it will fill those spaces with the relevant icon, wherever it lands and in whichever rotation it chooses to do so. If it occurs above the reels, additional symbol locations will be added, increasing the number of winning combinations you can make during that spin.

Our Conclusion

You'll definitely want to play the Tetris Super Jackpots slot if, like so many of us, you've enjoyed stacking blocks for years. This particular machine may seem very straightforward to casual gamblers because it has few features and, when compared to other recent offerings, the gameplay can become monotonous.

Any fan of the long-running video game series will want to check out this one, though, as there are enough adorable details (like the falling blocks that add extra positions) to keep things interesting. But, you can also take part in the Fishin Frenzy demo.

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