How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Allah this Ramadan

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How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Allah this Ramadan

To live in peace, each of us needs to develop ties with Allah. It is difficult to hold a firm faith throughout time. Actually, it was not meant for people to feel thus close to God all the time. But this is where the difficulty is. This is the true test of life. This month, Muslims from all over the world converge in Makkah and Madina to strengthen this bond. Locals in Manchester can easily complete this act thanks to the cheapest Umrah packages.

Selflessness – Eethaar:

In contrast to theoretical advice, Muhasibi provides practical advice. In this profound speech, he suggests that in order to strengthen our relationship with Allah Almighty, we should practice "either," or putting others before ourselves. An example of either is to put the needs of your guests before your own. The migrants from Makkah were warmly received by the Ansar (the residents of Madinah). Even when they did not have much food, they would covertly serve it to their guests. One time, the family dimmed the lights so that their guests would not see that they were starving.

Observe your agreement with Allah – Wafa:

A clear sign of this reality is the large number of patients being admitted to hospitals. The unknown is who will come after us. May Allah cure everyone who is unwell. Ya Allah, grant them the healing they require.
We only have so much time. They may be numbered because they are few. Despite the fact that we are in our 90s, very few others in the akhirah are older than us. If such is the case, then time is of the essence. We still have a ton of work to do despite this restriction. What ought we to do? There are not many days left on our world, and we have a long list of responsibilities to fulfill. What is the primary problem? We must take immediate action because there is not much more time and there will not be another chance. We do not want to reflect on our lives and feel guilty about not having done this or that.
Some would implore Allah to return them to Jannah. They would answer that they wish to return to the earth to carry out more good deeds when Allah Almighty inquires about their goals. These folks were martyrs who died in the name of Allah and wished to return to this world in order to die once more for Him. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala would confirm His word to keep everyone out of Dunya. Be mindful of your vulnerability when keeping a commitment that is not always easy to follow. Do not be intimidated by your size or skill.

Be Thankful – shukr:

Continue to thank Allah. Someone will always have it far worse off than you do. Additionally, there is always much to be grateful for. Developing "sukr-eyes," or awareness of the advantages all around you, is a crucial element. A great way to thank God is to spend the holy months of Ramadan in Makkah and Medina. The Five Star Umrah Deals 2023 From the UK make this possible for citizens of the UK.

Read Quran:

All Muslims can find direction and understanding in the Holy Quran, which Allah revealed through the life and teachings of Muhammad (PBUH). Even memorizing a single verse from the Quran might be beneficial. We recently informed you of the Quran's contribution to the improvement of friendship and love relationships by giving you the Facts about the Quran.


No matter how grave your sin was, if you truly repent and vow that you will never do it again, Allah will quickly forgive you. This holds true regardless of the severity of your transgression.

Thank Allah for everything he has provided:

Regardless of the favors Allah has bestowed upon us, we must never fail to show our appreciation for the gifts he has provided for us by expressing thankfulness to Allah for his kindness. In spite of the fact that it is obligatory to show gratitude to Allah for the gifts of sight, touch, and movement that He has given to you, the vast majority of people only pay thanks to Allah when they achieve monetary success. This is despite the fact that it is obligatory to do so.

Submit to his Tests:

Allah puts the faith of his followers to the test in whichever way he thinks is most fitting for the situation, whether it be by robbing them of their wealth, their health, or any other blessing or misfortune. In addition, those who are able to rise to the challenge and prevail over his challenges will, God willing, be rewarded with an abundance of additional benefits.

Let go of grudges and forgive your wrongdoers:

It would be to your advantage if you started with forgiving yourself; after you have accomplished that goal, you can move on to forgiving other people. Both harboring resentment and actively seeking vengeance are likely to make your life more challenging, but neither strategy is likely to result in the kind of outcomes that may be deemed to be positive. Rather than making decisions that would make your life more challenging, you should take a cue from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and learn to forgive. Forgive those who have wronged you, and then pray to Allah to forgive you for your own transgressions.



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