Ulsan Seol Young-Woo "99% Chance of Winning

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Ulsan Seol Young-Woo "99% Chance of Winning

Ulsan Seol Young-woo "99% chance of winning this year... I'm also number 1 in appearance"

Professional football Ulsan Hyundai defender Seol Young-woo was confident that Ulsan's chances of winning the K-League 1 in the 온라인카지노 2023 season were "99%".

On the 26th, Seol Young-woo attended a team K-League fan signing event held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul and was asked about his chances of winning this season, and answered "99%".

In addition to Seol Young-woo, Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk), Lee Seung-woo (Suwon FC), Bae Jun-ho (Daejeon), and Na Sang-ho (Seoul) attended the fan signing event that day.

On the 27th, the day before the first leg of the Coupang Play series between Team K-League and Atletico Madrid (Spain) to be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium,

The fan signing event was attended by 150 selected fans who applied in advance and it was a great success.

When asked about the best and most memorable match, Seol Young-woo said, "Last year's match against Jeonbuk."

In the match against Jeonbuk held in October last year, Ulsan was trailing 0-1, but Martin Adam scored two goals in extra time in the second half to come from behind to win 2-1.

Seol Young-woo explained, "I didn't think I could turn the game around."

Seol Young-woo kept looking at Baek Seung-ho, who was sitting next to him, making fans laugh.

Ulsan recorded 56 points in the K-League 1 this season, leading the second place Pohang Steelers (44 points) by 12 points, so there is a high possibility of winning.

Seol Young-woo also did not hide his confidence, saying, "I think I'm number one" when asked, "Please rate your appearance among the 5 people here."

Lee Seung-woo was asked a lot about goal celebrations.

When Lee Seung-woo was asked about the 'most memorable goal ceremony', he replied, "I don't have one that comes to mind," and "I remember coming to the K-League and dancing."

He also raised the assumption that 'if he hadn't become a football player', he waved his hand, saying,

"He started playing football at a very young age, so he never thought of anything else."

In response to a fan's impromptu question, "Do you have a ceremony in mind in the future?", he said, "I have a lot of things I want to do because I couldn't score a goal in a home game."

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