'20m Fall' EPLund Wins 3 Consecutive Gold Medals

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'20m Fall' EPLund Wins 3 Consecutive Gold Medals

'20m fall' EPLund wins 3 consecutive gold medals in women's high diving world championships

Rhiannon Epland (31, Australia) won her third consecutive high diving title at the World 카지노사이트 Swimming Championships.

EPLAND won the women's high diving final at the 2023 World Swimming Championships, which ended on the 26th at Momochi Seaside Park in Fukuoka, Japan, with a score of 357.40.

Eplund, who won the championship in Budapest in 2017 and Gwangju in 2019, also kept the top spot in Fukuoka.

2023 High Diving World Cup champion Molly Carlson (24, Canada) ranked second with 322.80 points, and Jessica Macaulay (30),

Who won the bronze medal for British nationality in Gwangju in 2019, took third place as a Canadian athlete in Fukuoka this time.

High diving, which falls from dizzying heights of 27m for men and 20m for women,

Became an official world championship event at the 2013 Barcelona Games for the first time.

No high diving competitions were held at the 2022 Budapest Games.

At the tournament, which was held again after four years, EPLund still showed off its top-notch skills.

Most of the high diving players switched sports after playing as indoor divers.

EPLund, who used to be an indoor diving and artistic swimmer, also enjoyed cliff diving before devoting himself to high diving in 2015 and establishing himself as a star player in this sport.

In high diving, Eplund is the only athlete who has won three championships in both men and women, as well as two world championships in a row.

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