Koo Gu-Jin's ERA Rose Sharply in July

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Koo Gu-Jin's ERA Rose Sharply in July

Tired of the bullpen pitchers? Koo Gu-jin's ERA rose sharply in July

The end of the rainy season and the start of the heat wave... Backdoor crackdown is a major variable in 'fall baseball'

In July, when the rainy season and the heat crossed, 카지노사이트 the average ERA of relief pitchers from 10 professional baseball clubs soared.

As of the 25th, the average ERA of bullpen pitchers this month is 4.71, much higher than the average of 4.16 for the entire season.

It was 0.8 points worse than the starting team's average ERA (3.97) during the same period.

The bullpen ERA of 7 teams exceeded 4 points, and the average ERA of Lotte Giants, kt wiz, SSG Landers, and Kiwoom Heroes was over 5 points.

Kiwoom's July ERA was the worst at 7.66.

On the 25th, Kiwoom lost to the Hanwha Eagles 6-16 by giving up 13 points after being beaten twice in the 8th inning by the Hanwha Eagles.

It has been a long time since bullpen baseball, which relies heavily on relief pitchers, has become a trend in the KBO League.

In line with the proverb, “baseball is pitcher play,” there are only a handful of teams that play “starter baseball,” which should be taken for granted.

Due to the lack of starting pitcher resources and the club's failure to foster, the work of entrusting the one-two punch to a foreign pitcher has become fixed.

This led to the loss of competitiveness of Korean mounds in international competitions.

In the end, it is not uncommon for a team's performance to be influenced by the contents of the bullpen's relief efforts, where four or five people take the mound after the fifth inning.

The thickness and skill of the bullpen hold the key to victory, and now is the time to exert the most power.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said on the 26th that it judged that the rainy season in the central and southern regions had ended, and predicted that heatwaves would continue in the future.

This year's rainy season, which caused great loss of life and property, continued for 31 to 32 days.

The average ERA in July seems to have soared even more as the relief pitchers had difficulties maintaining their physical condition due to the constant rain.

If it was difficult to maintain physical condition during the rainy season due to the jagged game schedule, the fight against physical strength is a major variable from the 26th when the heat wave was predicted.

If the bullpen collapses, it is difficult to dream of 'fall baseball', so each team command tower is expected to focus more on arranging the physical strength of the pitcher.

The Doosan Bears, who set a new team record for most consecutive wins (11 consecutive wins) in July,

Are the most stable with an average ERA of 1.80 in the bullpen, and the LG Twins (1.83) and KIA Tigers (2.82) are also decent.

The Hanwha Eagles (4.26), who made it to the semifinals, and Lotte (5.96), who fell out of the top 5 after 95 days, SSG (6.49),

Which competed for the lead with LG and was chased by Doosan in 3rd place, and kt wiz (6.25), whose ERA gap between starters and bullpens widened by more than 3 points,

Can overcome the heat and rise to a higher place by re-organizing their relief team.

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