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Strongest Contenders eliminated from Shanghai-Seoul Dynasty Knockout

The Overwatch League 2023 Season East Spring Stage Knockout Week 2 Day 1 took place today at WDG Esports Studio in Chungmuro, Seoul. The Knockout Loser's Bracket saw the Contenders take on two teams from the League. The Contenders' Dreamers and O2 earned 3:0 victories over the League's Seoul Dynasty and Shanghai Dragons, respectively.

In the first match, the Dreamers took down the Seoul Dynasty in a 3:0 sweep. From the first set, Dynasty was unable to complete the desired picture. They tried to play 'Soo-min' Ana and go for the rear, but Dreamers' 'Mi-shin' Baptiste was able to pick up the attack and win the game. Conversely, in Game 2R, Dreamers rushed from the start with Reinhardt-Simetra-Mei to complete the win.

Set 2 ends in a draw, with Dreamers still in the lead. The Dreamers brought back Lee "Ji-han" Shimetra in Game 3, who had shown tremendous firepower in Game 1's 2R. He was able to neutralize the opposing tank, Ramatra, whose range control is crucial, and wipe out Seoul with his high-energy. The Dreamers kept the momentum going and closed out the game in the fourth set. First, they pushed in their robot, and then they used it to break up Seoul's backline, which was getting desperate.

Game two was a showdown between Contenders' Rhodes and Pokerface. PokerFace took the first set. PokerFace had a clear advantage in the matchup between the Ramatra combinations and completed a 2:0 victory in the first set. Roads immediately bounced back to even the set. Set 2 saw a battle for two points in Hollywood. With Hanzo's dominant performance on the rooftop, the game came down to the last minute, when Lord's 'Pineapple' used his ultimate to sweep for three kills and secure the win for his team.

Set three saw a small-sided battle from Havana. This time, 'Arrow' was able to sweep the kills and push PokerFace's cargo to three points. From there, PokerFace's Lucio 'Aiden' secured the win for his team with a 0-death finish. In the final four sets, PokerFace moved well around 'Muse' Ramatra, but a last-minute mistake by Rhodes to move away from the robot sealed the win for PokerFace.

In game three, Pantera started with a big smile on their face, as 'Fate' had the upper hand in the inter-Ramatra battle. This, coupled with the firepower of Hanzo "Becky" Han, allowed them to take the first set. SPG brought out their latest combination, Sombra-May, but it didn't add up and they dropped the first game. The flow of the second set was the same, with 'Fate' holding firm with Winston-Diva, followed by 'Knight''s sombra shaking the rear, resulting in a complete shutout. The third set also started with a perfect finish, and Pantera continued to win 3:0. In the 2R attack, they picked a rushing combination of Winston-Genji-Tracer-Luciu and quickly broke through.

The final four games pitted the O2 Blast against the Shanghai Dragons. O2 dominated Shanghai from the first set, with 'Marvel' dominating the tank duel with Winston and Ramatra. This, coupled with the performance of the 'Provi-Knife' dealer team, resulted in a 2:0 sweep.

In game two, O2 took the initiative. 'Knife''s tracer picked up tremendous speed and took a three-point lead with a pulse bomb. Shanghai fought back, pulling within three points as 'Viper''s tracer came into play. However, O2 managed to end the draw with a win. In the extra round, Shanghai looked shaky in the early stages, but O2's last-minute attack was successful and they took the set 2:0.

In the third set, Shanghai didn't have it easy. The absence of 'Viper' Genji created a crisis, but the presence of 'Hee-soo' as a widowmaker kept them close. Han-jo on O2's 'Topdragon' stopped them, and Shanghai's lead was reduced to one point. With momentum on their side, O2 chose an offense combination to snipe Winston on 'Fleta'. 스포츠토토맨 The jungler-queen-ripper took down Winston and sealed the 3:0 victory.

Overwatch League Season 2023 East Spring Stage Knockout, Week 2, Day 1

Game 1 Dreamers 3 vs. Seoul Dynasty 0
Game 2: Rhodes 1 vs 3 PokerFace
Game 3 Pantera 3 vs 1 SPG
Game 4 O2 Blast 3 vs 0 Shanghai Dragons

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