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Bastion POTM? Seoul Infernal Defeats Defending Champions

Week 2 of the Overwatch League 2023 Season East Spring Stage Knockout got underway today at WDG Esports Studio in Chungmuro, Seoul. Two matches between League and Contenders teams were won by the Hangzhou Spark-Dreamers and Seoul Infernal-O2 Blast. The Seoul Infernal put on a stunning performance to defeat the defending champions Dallas Fuel with the Bastion.

The first matchup between the Chinese League teams was intense. In Game 1, Guangzhou took the lead in the 1R with an advantage in the front lane battle. Hangzhou's dealer team, 'Liv-Shay', tried to make a difference, but 'Piggy' won the inter-diva fight and led her team to victory. Hangzhou immediately tied the game by taking the 2R. In 3R, Guangzhou again utilized Brigitte's ultimate difference and Hanzo "Jimmy" Han's firepower to close out the final battle. With momentum on their side, Guangzhou took the second set. Their tracer, Choi "Se-hwan" Choi, was able to make the difference at key moments.

Hangzhou didn't go down without a fight and managed to pull off a reverse sweep. In game three, Gushue's Ramatra and Reeve's Mei were able to take the upper hand in a difficult game, and in game four, Gushue's Winston used his raw rage to push Guangzhou off the robot and seal the win for his team. In the fifth and final game, Hangzhou's Winston-Tracer combination really came into its own, with Tracer on 'Reeve' pulling off a series of incredible kills to pull off the upset.

Game 2 saw a showdown between contenders PokerFace and Dreamers. The Dreamers took the first set by an overwhelming margin. Simetra-Reinhardt's difficulties in the first game worked well, and Cassidy-Winston in the second game were able to pick off their opponents individually, en route to victory. PokerFace came right back in game two. Tank 'Muse' led the team to victory, boasting a dominant record on both deal and tang.

Like game one, game two wasn't as easy. In game three, the Chinese tank, 'Rigger' Diva, took over for 'Dreamer' and helped drive the victory. In addition, Spectra's tracer was a constant game-changer. In the fourth set, the poker-faced Reaper on 'Valentine' came to life and managed to pull back to 2-2. However, it was the Dreamers who came out on top. They brought out the same combination in game five as they did in game one, showing off their overwhelming strength in a difficult game. The Dreamers took all 2Rs with their trademark Reinhardt-May-Simetra rush combination and became the eventual winners.

Game 3 pitted the Dallas Fuel against the Seoul Infernal. In game one, Dallas seemed to get off to a good start. They used their rushing style, utilizing the May-Ripper-Moira-Luciu combo from the previous game, to take the game. However, Infernal's healers started to show up in the 2R. Batiste on 'Skewed' and Lucio on 'Pixar' swept through the kills to secure the first game victory. In game two, it was a different story. MN3's Bastion stepped up and tried to counter Dallas' rushing combinations. This time, however, it was Ripper on 'Edison' who came through with his ultimate at key moments to tie the game at 1-1.

Set three saw Infernal's 'MN3' take control of the game. First, they completely neutralized Dallas' compositions as a team in game three. Dallas chose Torbjörn on 'Edison', but it turned into a one-on-one battle as Hanzo picked him off individually. However, once they got the momentum going, 'MN3' was unstoppable. In game four, they picked Widowmaker and racked up a non-stop kill log to lead their team to victory.

The final four games were between Contenders' Panthera and O2. O2 had the freedom to play whatever they wanted from game one. They took out Doomfist-Para and took control of Nepalese Village-Sanctuary. 'Topdragon' didn't stop with Para. In the second set, he shook up the battlefield with his Tracer, excelling in both offense and defense.

A disadvantaged Panthera fought back in the third set. The Sombra-Winston combination saved the day. O2, on the other hand, sent out Soldier 76 and failed to capitalize on the offense, which led to the Pantheon's comeback. However, the next four sets decided the game. Instead of playing Topdragon, O2 went with the Knife tracer. O2 didn't let Pantheon's robot get above 24M in the mid game and 34M in the late game. While the tanks held on, 사설토토 the dealers picked up kills to close out the game.

Overwatch League Season 2023 East Spring Stage Knockout Week 2 Day 1 Results

Game 1 Hangzhou Spark 3 vs 2 Guangzhou Charge
Game 2 Dreamers 3 vs 2 PokerFace
Game 3 Seoul Infernal 3 vs 1 Dallas Fuel
Game 4 O2 Blast 3 vs 1 Pantera

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