Women's World Cup Carmona, Heard his Father's Death

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Women's World Cup Carmona, Heard his Father's Death

Women's World Cup Carmona, Who Heard the News of his Father's Death Belatedly

The captain of the Spanish national team, who led the championship with consecutive winning goals in the semifinals and finals, died two days before the final… Family 'keeps a secret' in Carmona

It is known that Olga Carmona (23, Real Madrid), who led the Spanish national team to 온라인카지노사이트 victory in the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, played the final without knowing that her father had passed away.

Reuters and the British BBC reported on the 21st (Korean time) that Carmona, the captain of the Spanish national team, heard of his father's death belatedly after winning the tournament.

Carmona scored the winning goal in the final match against England held at Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia on the afternoon of the 20th, leading Spain to a 1-0 victory and their first ever World Cup victory.

Carmona's father, who suffered from a chronic illness, died two days before his daughter lifted the trophy.

The BBC said, "Carmona's family and friends have decided not to tell Carmona the sad news ahead of the final."

Instead, Carmona's mother and siblings boarded a plane to Australia on the Saturday, the day before the final, to support Carmona.

The Spanish Football Association said, "We send deep condolences to the death of Carmona's father."

Carmona's team, Real Madrid, also issued a statement of condolence, saying, "Condolences to Carmona and her family."

Left fullback Carmona of the Spanish national team scored consecutive winning goals in the semi-final against Sweden and the final against England, becoming the number one contributor to the title of 'World Champion'.

In the semi-final on the 15th, in the 44th minute of the second half, Teresa Abellaira's corner kick was connected with a powerful right-footed mid-range shot, and the shot that stretched out hit the crossbar and crossed the goal line to become the final score.

In the long-awaited final, Spain shook the net with a powerful left-footed mid-range shot in the 29th minute of the first half, and Spain, who kept this score, lifted the championship cup.

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