Femkey Ball, Women's 400m Hurdles Championship

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Femkey Ball, Women's 400m Hurdles Championship

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Don't fall twice... Femkey Ball, Women's 400m Hurdles Championship

Mixed Relay Ball, which fell 5m before the finish line, Race Williams, who was overwhelming in hurdles, won the Women's 100m Hurdles championship in 8 years... Men's 400m champion is Watson

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Even when he placed 3rd at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and 2nd at the Eugene World Championships in 2022, Pemky Ball (23, Netherlands) said, "I am satisfied with the results."

However, the sense of accomplishment that the gold medal brings was different.

The joy was even greater as it was the first victory in a major championship after going through a great ordeal.

Ball held an overwhelming race in the women's 400m hurdles final at the 2023 World Championships in Athletics held at the National Stadium in Budapest, Hungary on the 25th (Korean time), and she won with 51 seconds 70.

Ball, a 'strong candidate for the championship', took the lead from the beginning, and it seemed that other players were 'competiting for second place'.

Shemire Little (28, USA) took second place with 52.80 seconds, and Russell Clayton (28, Jamaica) took third place with 52.81 seconds.

Russell stood on the podium eight years after the 2015 Beijing Games (2nd place), and Clayton stood on the podium four years after the 2019 Doha Games (3rd place).

Ball, who became the first Dutch athlete to medalist (second place) in the women's 400m hurdles in Eugene last year, became the first Dutch champion in the event this year.

He also won a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics, and won the first medal in the women's 400m hurdles Olympics in the Netherlands.

The Dutch media lamented that "Ball is experiencing the misfortune of living in the age of Sydney McLaughlin (24, USA)."

McLaughlin set world records and won both the Tokyo Olympics and the Eugene World Championships.

However, McLaughlin declared that he would participate in the 400m flat rather than the 400m hurdles at this year's World Championships in Budapest, and gave up participating in this event at all because of a "minor knee injury" just before the opening.

McLaughlin holds the first and second place records (50 seconds 68, 51 seconds 41) in the women's 400m hurdles.

The main character of the third place record (51 seconds 45) is Ball.

After the race, Ball told the Associated Press and the World Association of Athletics Federations, "I knew a lot of people were calling me a favorite,

but I never knew what would happen during the race." "I realized that receiving a 'received' is a huge burden," he said.

The bad luck he experienced on the 19th, the first day of the tournament in local time, also made it difficult for him to play.

Ball became the last Dutch runner in the mixed 1,600m relay and held the lead until 5m before the finish line.

A world record was also possible.

However, American Alexis Holmes (23, USA) fiercely pursued, and the ball fell right in front of the finish line.

The U.S. won the race, setting a new world record of 3:08:80.

Ball missed the baton as he fell.

After getting up and crossing the finish line, he was unable to pick up the baton again, so Dutch was 'disqualified'.

At the time, Ball recalled, "During the preliminaries in the morning and the finals in the afternoon, I felt exhausted.

Ahead of the finish line, I felt like I was slower than usual, and convulsions occurred.

The moment I realized that someone was behind me, I fell to the floor." I was in tears as I felt sorry for my colleagues.

Bol, who rose again with the encouragement of his teammates, ran an overwhelming race in the 400m hurdles and was the first to cross the finish line.

Ball said, "I received a lot of encouragement from my teammates, coaches and fans after I fell in the relay race.

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