Asian Games, Medal Prospective Jangjun

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Asian Games, Medal Prospective Jangjun

Asian Games, Medal Prospective Jangjun

Failure to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics as a medicine... With their skills and experience, will they prove that they are alive and well in Hangzhou amid the pursuit of promising players such as heavily armed Park Tae-joon and Bae Jun-seo?

On May 1, 2018, the Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, where the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games Taekwondo National Team Selection Tournament was held. 바카라사이트

Korean taekwondo star Kim Tae-hoon was stumped by a high school player who appeared like a comet in the men's 58kg class.

Kim Tae-hoon, who won the gold medal at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, seemed to be taking on the challenge for a second consecutive victory, but suffered the biggest crisis in the domestic selection match.

At that time, Kim Tae-hoon was unable to win even after playing overtime in the second final, and in the end, the number of deductions was small, so he struggled to qualify for the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

The high school student who persistently bullied Kim Tae-hun later grew into an ace of Korean Taekwondo.

He is Jang Jun (23, Korea Gas Corporation), the world’s strongest in the men’s 58kg class.

Jangjun, who was attending Hongseong High School, could not step on the stage of the Asian Games, but after that, he showed tremendous growth.

Jangjun, who was selected as an adult national representative that year, created a stir by winning consecutively at the Asian Championships and the second World Taekwondo Grand Prix.

In particular, at the World Taekwondo Grand Prix, he set a record as the youngest ever Korean player to win.

It didn't take long for Jangjun to surpass Kim Taehun.

In November 2018, he announced the change of his generation by winning over Kim Tae-hoon in the semifinals of the World Grand Prix Final.

Afterwards, Jangjun held a winning parade in every competition he participated in, and was reborn as the undisputed ace of Korean Taekwondo.

He has been winning and winning with his height (182 cm), technical skills based on flexibility, and extraordinary stamina that are not inferior to Western players.

There was also a crisis.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, he was considered a strong favorite to win, but failed to win the gold medal.

In the aftermath of the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), it was affected by the lack of sense of practice as I was unable to participate in many competitions.

The high expectations around me were also burdensome.

In the semifinals, Jangjun failed to advance to the final after being beaten by unknown 19-year-old Mohamed Khalil Gendoubi (Tunisia), and eventually had to be satisfied with the bronze medal.

At the time, Jangjun said, "Honestly, I was very nervous."

After the Tokyo Olympics, Jangjun gritting his teeth and concentrating on training, but he was pursued by promising players who had grown terribly.

In the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games national selection match held in April of last year, Jangjun played a rematch with Park Tae-joon (Kyunghee University) and Bae Jun-seo (Ganghwa-gun Office), and after twists and turns, he put the Taegeuk mark.

In the national selection match held in February, he lost to Bae Jun-seo one after another, giving up the right to participate in the World Championships.

Bae Jun-seo put the brakes on Jang-jun's solo system by winning the world championship held in May.

For Jangjun, who competed for the right to participate in the corresponding weight class at the 2024 Paris Olympics, there was no choice but to be burdened.

Jang Jun is currently ranked 3rd in the men's 58kg world rankings, ranking first among domestic players.

In the midst of this, Jang Jun participates in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which can be called a prelude to the Paris Olympics.

Jangjun plans to move forward towards the Paris Olympics, gaining confidence and reaffirming his skills through this event.

Jeong Eul-jin, coach of the Taekwondo national team, said, "Jang-jun is the most likely player to win the gold medal in this tournament.

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