Asian Games, Event Introduction about Taekwondo

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Asian Games, Event Introduction about Taekwondo

Addition of male and female mixed match... Excluding the Poomsae team event

Korea, 3-4 in Gyorugi and 2 Poomsae gold medal challenges

It was during the 1986 Seoul Games that Taekwondo, the national sport, was adopted as an official event at the Asian Games.

At that time, Korea showed overwhelming skills by sweeping seven out of eight gold medals in taekwondo.

Even after that, Taekwondo served as Korea's 'filial piety sport'.

At the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, he won 5 gold medals out of 14 (2 for poomsae and 3 for sparring).

In the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games, Korea also aims to win a large number of gold medals, risking its pride as the suzerain of taekwondo.

A total of 13 gold medals were won in Taekwondo at this event. 카지노사이트

It was reduced by one from the last competition and by three from the 2014 Incheon Asian Games (16).

Five years ago, 10 sparring and 4 poomsae events were held, but at the Hangzhou Games, mixed team competitions were added, and men's and women's team competitions were excluded from poomsae.

Candidates for the championship are Jun Jang (Korea Gas Corporation) in the men's 58kg class, Park Woo-hyuk (Samsung S1) in the men's 80kg class, and Lee Da-bin (Seoul City Hall) in the women's over 67kg class.

Jang Jun is the undisputed ace of Korean Taekwondo, and has made great achievements in each tournament he participates in, such as winning the gold medal at the 2022 World Taekwondo Federation (WT) World Grand Prix Final held in December last year.

Park Woo-hyuk is also not easy.

He is on the rise, winning the world championship last year.

Recently, he has been slow due to various injuries, but he aims to win the Asian Games based on his rich experience.

Jin Ho-jun (Suwon City Hall), who competes in the men's 68kg class, is considered a dark horse.

Jin Ho-Jun is the future of Korean Taekwondo, who first competed in the World Championships held last May and won a silver medal.

The mixed team event, which is making its debut at this event, is also aiming for a gold medal.

In the mixed team event, Park Woo-hyuk and Seo Kun-woo (Korea National Sport University), Lee Da-bin and Kim Jan-di (Samsung S1) will compete.

Jeong Eul-jin, coach of the Taekwondo national team, said, "The mixed team event is also an event that aims to win," adding, "However, there will be many variables as it is the first to be introduced."

In poomsae, he challenges to sweep the gold medal.

In the women's individual event, Cha Ye-eun (Kyunghee University) will challenge for the gold medal.

Cha Ye-eun seemed to miss out on her Asian Games due to her unfortunate defeat in the preliminary round last year, but after her re-election improvement, she dramatically won her Asian Games ticket.

Poomsae is an event that is contested in a stadium that is 12m wide and 12m long.

The average score of 5 judges is calculated by subtracting the highest and lowest scores from 7 judges.

In the Hangzhou Asian Games, official Poomsae will be used in all 1 and 2 matches from the preliminaries to the quarterfinals, and in the semi-finals and finals, 1 match will be official Poomsae and 2 matches will be free Poomsae.

Hangzhou Asian Games Taekwondo starts on September 24th, the day after the opening day, and runs until September 28th.

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