Martin Perez Won Two Gold Medals in Racewalking

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Martin Perez Won Two Gold Medals in Racewalking

Martin Perez won two gold medals by winning the 35km racewalking... Spanish warning sweeps gold

Martin, the first man to win two gold medals at the World Championships men's racewalking... Peresdo 2 gold medals

Alvaro Martin (29) and Maria Pérez (27, Spain) also won the 35km walking race and won two gold medals at the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

Spain swept all four gold medals in racewalking in this event. 바카라사이트

On the 24th, Martin won the men's 35km racewalking final at the World Championships at the Budapest Race Course in Hungary with a time of 2:24:30.

Perez also reached the top by setting a new competition record of 2 hours 38 minutes 40 seconds in the women's final held at the same time.

Martin and Pérez, who had already won the 20 km walk, took their second gold medal of the event.

In particular, Martin enjoyed the joy of winning the first two gold medals in the world championship men's racewalking history.

The 35 km walk was first adopted as an official event at the World Championships at the 2022 Eugene Games.

The men's 50 km walk was held as an official event from the 1976 Malmo Games in Sweden to the 2019 Doha Games, and the women's 50 km walk was also adopted as an official event at the 2017 London Games, producing two champions until the 2019 Doha Games.

However, as pointed out that '50 km walks are too boring and few runners complete', the World Association of Athletics Federations removed the 50 km walks from the 2022 World Championships and adopted the 35 km walks as an official event.

As the distance was reduced by 15 km, a scene was created in which a player who competed in the 20 km competed in the 35 km event.

In last year's Eugene World Championships women's racewalking, Kimberly Garcia (29, Peru) won 20km and 35km, winning her first two gold medals in world championship racewalking.

In the men's race walk at the 2022 Eugene Games, Toshikazu Yamanishi (27, Japan) won 20 km and Massimo Stano (31, Italy) won the 35 km championship, so no two gold medals came out.

This year, Martin swept the 20km and 35km walks, becoming the first male walker to win two gold medals at the World Championships.

In the 35km final, Martin had a close match with Brian Pintado (28, Ecuador) until the last minute, but crossed the finish line 4 seconds faster than Pintado, who finished the race in 2 hours 24 minutes 34 seconds.

Pintado, who finished fourth in the 35 km at the Eugene World Championships last year, harvested his first individual medal in a major event.

Kawano Masatora (24, Japan), who came second in Eugene, won the bronze medal in this event with a time of 2:25:12.

This is the first medal won by Japan in this event.

Martin reached the top of the 20 km at the 2018 and 2022 European Championships, but failed to win a medal, finishing fourth in the 20 km at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and seventh in the 20 km at the 2022 Eugene World Championships.

But in this event, he won two gold medals.

"To be honest, I'm tired," Martin told Reuters after the game, but was delighted: "I only finished fourth in the Olympics.

I know the value of medals."

"I just watched Perez cross the finish line in first place," he added.

"It was a great day for Spanish athletics."

Peres finished the race in 2 hours 40 minutes 52 seconds with a time of 2 hours 38 minutes 40 seconds, pushing the 'first champion' Garcia to second place.

On this day, Perez also changed the record of 2:39.16 set by Garcia in Eugene last year.

Peres, who finished fourth at the Tokyo Olympics and was disqualified at the Eugene World Championships, solved his 'sorrow of not being a major tournament' in Budapest and hung two gold medals around his neck. Perez said,

"After the 20km race, I felt thigh pain, but I couldn't give up on the 35km race."

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