SSG Reacts to the Return of Heredia

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SSG Reacts to the Return of Heredia

SSG Reacts to the Return of Heredia... Competition for First Place in Batting Average Reignited

After a long time, good news came to professional baseball SSG Landers, which had to give up second place to kt wiz and pay attention to the pursuit of fourth place NC Dinos.

SSG foreign hitter Guillermo Heredia (32) was named to the first team entry on the 29th.

Although the scheduled Incheon Kiwoom Heroes match was canceled due to rain, Heredia was included in the starting 카지노사이트위키 lineup as the designated hitter number 4.

Heredia missed the first team in the last 4 days due to a sprained muscle in the front of his left thigh (iliopsoas muscle).

It seemed that he would need about a month of rehab, but Heredia turned the rehab clock a little faster.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong said, “It is effective when Choi Jeong and Heredia are in the third and fourth batting order,” and “Now that Heredia is back, we expect the effect again.”

Heredia played an active role with a batting average of 0.332, 11 homers, 58 RBIs and 10 stolen bases before leaving due to injury.

His batting average and on-base percentage (0.396) are the highest among foreign hitters this season, and his slugging percentage (0.492) is second only to Austin Dean (0.504 LG Twins).

Although various bad news overlapped, SSG recorded 9 wins and 9 losses (0.500 win rate) from the 4th to the 28th, when Heredia was away, with a lower win rate than the overall regular season record (0.557 win rate, 59 wins, 47 losses, 1 draw). .

In particular, during this period, the team's batting average was 0.248, ninth, and the team's OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) was 0.683, ranking 9th.

With Heredia's return, SSG's lineup has become more solid.

The competition for first place in batting average is expected to rekindle.

Heredia ran first in batting average until August 4, but while he was away, Ja-wook Koo (batting average 0.342, Samsung Lions) and Ah-seop Son (0.338, NC) succeeded in reversing.

Yang Eui-ji (0.326, Doosan Bears), Hong Chang-ki (0.325, LG), and Kim Hye-seong (0.324, Kiwoom) are also pursuing Heredia at close range.

After Eric Thames (then NC) ranked first in this category with a batting average of 0.381 in 2015, no foreign hitter has become the KBO league batting leader.

If Heredia, who has recovered her health, raises her batting average, the foreign batting average king could be born in eight years.

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