The Roll National Team that Started Training Camp

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The Roll National Team that Started Training Camp

The Roll National Team that Started Training Camp… Who is the Scrim Opponent?

The League of Legends national team will begin training together from today ahead of the opening of the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games.

It is known that the Chinese national team, our strongest rival, started training together about two weeks ahead of us. 온라인카지노사이트

Coach Kim Jeong-gyun, who was in charge of the national team, also showed caution at the launch ceremony held on the 28th, saying, “I know that China started the training camp about two weeks early.”

This is because the LPL summer season in the Chinese league ended with the finals on the 5th, but the LCK summer season in the Korean league ended on the 20th and it took time to summon players.

It is known that all scrim practice opponents to help the national team train are currently decided.

At the last launch ceremony, coach Kim Jeong-gyun said, “We have all teams to help with scrims,” adding, “All domestic teams have set up their practice schedules.”

He also expressed his gratitude, saying, “I can’t disclose the teams that help (due to concerns about strategy exposure), but someday the tournament is over and I will express my gratitude when the opportunity arises.”

It is not known who the scrim opponents Kim mentioned are all domestic teams.

However, officials believe that four teams, T1, Gen.G eSports, KT Rolster, and Dplus Kia, who have confirmed their advance to the League of Legends World Championship (Lold Cup) in the second half of the year, will be influential.

The reason for this is that other teams that are unable to participate in Worlds do not have a tournament schedule, so they lack the ability to rest and rebuild their players.

Teams participating in the World Cup also need a practice partner ahead of the World Cup, so there is a prospect that it will be a 'win-win' for each other.

In particular, T1 and Gen.G eSports will be more cooperative as the team's core strengths, such as Zeus (Wooje Choi), Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok), Keria (Min-seok Ryu) (hereinafter referred to as T1), and Chovy (Jihoon Jeong, Gen.G) participated in the national team. An analysis emerges that

The Korea e-Sports Association is customizing PCs, monitors, and chairs most similar to those used in the Hangzhou Asian Games to the e-sports national team.

In addition, practice matches are held at the handball stadium located in Jamsil to adapt to the field.

Meanwhile, according to the business agreement signed between the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea e-Sports Association at the last launch ceremony.

The e-sports national team will use the Seoul Game Contents Center located inside the S-Plex Center in Mapo-gu, operated by the Seoul Economic Promotion Agency, as a training venue.

The city plans to comprehensively support physical therapy and psychological counseling as well as training for each individual event.

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