Tottenham Coach "Disappointed to be Eliminated From the League Cup

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Tottenham Coach "Disappointed to be Eliminated From the League Cup

Tottenham Coach "Disappointed to be Eliminated From the League Cup... Give a Lot of Hischarlisson Balls"

Tottenham coach Angie Postecoglu, who was eliminated after a penalty shoot-out in the first game of the League Cup (Carabao Cup), could not hide her regret.

“I am very disappointed with the result of falling out of the cup competition,” coach Postecoglu said after the 2023-2024 Carabao Cup second round away match against Fulham held at Craven Cottage in London, England on the 30th (Korean time).

Tottenham failed to advance to the next round as they lost 3-5 on penalties after drawing 1-1 with Fulham that day.

In the Carabao Cup, Premier League (EPL) teams joined from this round, but Tottenham was caught by Fulham, the same EPL team, in the first game.

On this day, Tottenham, who greatly operated the rotation, sent several key players, including 'Captain' Son Heung-min, in the second half, but could not lead to victory. 바카라사이트

Tottenham, who stayed 8th in the EPL last season and failed to advance to the European competition, went undefeated in 3 matches (2 wins, 1 draw) after the opening of the league for the new season under the management system of Postecoglu.

"We didn't have a smooth game, especially in the beginning," said Postecoglu.

"We were less cohesive and not smooth.

We had a chance to win in the second half, but we couldn't get over the hump and lost in the penalty shootout," he said.

Tottenham have not won any competition since the 2008 League Cup (then called the 'Carling Cup').

Missing the League Cup, a competition worth realistically trying to win, from the first match, puts the team in danger of continuing to be 'unrelated' this season.

Although they are off to a good start in the league, the void that striker Harry Kane, who has been the symbol of the team, left for Bayern Munich in Germany is a risk factor that follows Tottenham.

Coach Postecoglu is giving Brazilian striker Hisharlisson a chance, and Hischarlisson finally broke the league silence on this day and scored his first goal of the season.

Postecoglu said: "It's good that Hischarlisson scored goals, but I think he did better in other games.

I understand people talk

about scoring, but to me it's more important to contribute to the football we play. do," he said.

He went on to point out, "Not only His Charles Lisason, but several players gave way too many balls today.

This is an important part of our game and something that Hischarlisson wants to improve."

“We need to refine the squad to make it more manageable and look at whether there is room for signing players to strengthen it,” he added.

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