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Korea Disabled Sports Federation 2024 government budget 99.2 billion won 19.8% increase

Introduced a national power analyst, expanded support for international competitions, and established an integrated information system.

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The 2024 budget for the Korean Para Sports Federation passed the Cabinet with 99.2 billion won, up 19.8 percent ($16.4 billion) from last year.

The Korea Disabled Sports Federation said on Jan. 31, "Next year's budget is 19.8 percent higher than this year's budget. The total government budget increase is 2.8%." "It shows the will of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance to create an environment where people with disabilities can enjoy sports without discrimination."

The increased budget will allow the Korean Para Sports Federation to invest in various areas.

First, training conditions will be improved so that national athletes can focus on their training.

For the first time, a power analyst will be introduced to the national team.

The standard for meals (from 4.4 to 50,000 won) and accommodation (from 6 to 80,000 won) has also been raised. In addition, 카지노사이트랭크 the Icheon Athletes' Village, which was built in 2009, will be gradually renovated.

The operating budget for the power analyzers is 183 million won. It is set at 549 million won for meals, 333 million won for out-of-town lodging, and 835 million won for Icheon Athletes' Village renovation.

With the increased budget, it will be easier to support national Para athletes participating in international competitions.

"In preparation for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris, we will operate local pre-training camps to prepare athletes to perform at their best," said the Korea Paralympic Committee. "We plan to operate Korea House in Paris and organize 'Paralympic Day' events with local residents and citizens. We will also carefully support international competitions by disability type, such as the Asia-Pacific Deaf Games."

4 billion won has been set aside for prize money for international competitions.

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The budget has also been expanded to revitalize life sports and improve disability awareness through sports.

Physical fitness certification centers will be established in 17 provinces across the country, and mobile measurement equipment will be introduced to enhance travel measurement services.

The National Unity Life Sports Festival, where people with and without disabilities participate and enjoy sports together, will be expanded by adding additional sports.

Strengthening the foundation of specialized sports is also a key task.

We will expand the number of league matches for each sport from five to eight, and support the smooth operation of the National Para Sports Games by expanding the hosting fee.

In addition, the classification of Para sports will be conducted in conjunction with domestic competitions to observe and practice classifiers, and research will be conducted to upgrade the classification system.

In order to improve the training environment for candidates, rookies, and aspiring athletes, meal expenses (from 4.4 to 50,000 won) and accommodation expenses (from 4 to 8,000 won) will also be supported by raising the standards.

Funds will also be provided for the stable operation of sports organizations for the disabled.

With the completion of the Sports Complex in the Olympic Park (scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023), the budget for rent and management fees for Para sports organizations moving to the complex will be sufficiently secured.

The computer system for Para sports, which has been operated individually, will be unified into a next-generation integrated information system so that athletes with disabilities can use various information without inconvenience.

"As the budget for major issues such as improving national training conditions, the Paris Paralympics, the relocation of sports organizations with disabilities, and the development of the next-generation integrated information system has been increased or newly reflected, we will do our best to ensure that the disadvantaged-friendly policy is properly realized on the ground," said Jeong Jin-wan, 고스톱 president of the Korean Para Sports Association.

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