Kim Jin-gyu, Acting Manager of FC Seoul

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Kim Jin-gyu, Acting Manager of FC Seoul

FC Seoul Acting Manager Kim Jin-gyu Says, “Gwangju’s Offensive Football is Fresh… Pressure is Pressure”

Kim Jin-gyu, acting manager of professional soccer team FC Seoul, predicted a head-to-head match, saying, “We will counter Gwangju FC’s pressure from the front with strong pressure.” 온라인카지노

Seoul will face Gwangju in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 30th round home game held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 17th.

Acting Seoul coach Kim Jin-gyu met with reporters before the game and pointed out that the success of forward pressure was the key to victory that day.

He said, “Gwangju coach Lee Jeong-hyo is expected to apply strong pressure from the front,” and “If that’s the case, I think we should also apply pressure and bring joy to the fans with exciting soccer.”

Acting coach Kim also praised Gwangju's attacking soccer.

He said, "Gwangju is a team above us, and soccer fans find Gwangju soccer fresh. Looking at the K-League as a whole, they must play attacking soccer like Gwangju to show good games. I think Gwangju soccer is desirable.

“I will do it,” he said.

He continued, “Coach Lee Jeong-hyo is playing very good soccer.

He strengthened his resolve, saying, "We have players ready to respond to that kind of soccer."

Seoul, which has no consecutive wins this season, won all three games against Gwangju.

Regarding this, Acting Manager Kim Jin-gyu said, "Because there are no consecutive wins, the ranking is low." fell.

After diagnosing that "there seems to be a sense of pressure," he said, "The players are training freely and comfortably, and the fact that they are continuing their winning streak against Gwangju seems to have had a positive effect."

Regarding Na Sang-ho, who was not able to join the national team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

He looked forward to his performance, saying, “I thought he would look disappointed, but on the contrary, he is positive and training hard.”

He added, “I think he had a strong desire to find his place during the international break.”

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