Jeong Ji-seok, AVC Bronze Medal From Hangzhou

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Jeong Ji-seok, AVC Bronze Medal From Hangzhou

[Asian Games] AVC Bronze Medal From Hangzhou... Jeong Ji-seok “I Look at it Every Day and Reflect on it”

Jeong Ji-seok suffers from back pain and scores the most goals for both teams... “Because you are a member of the national team,” Han said to his juniors, “Believe in yourself… you can do it no matter what.”

Jeong Ji-seok, the 'main gun' of the men's volleyball team, boarded a plane to Hangzhou with the bronze medal of the 2023 Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Challenge Cup. 바카라사이트

This is to not forget and constantly reflect on the bitter experience of being caught by Bahrain in the semifinals of the tournament last July.

After being pushed down to 5th place at the Asian Championships in August, Jeong Ji-seok's eagerness to show the potential of Korean volleyball at least at the Hangzhou Asian Games is clearly revealed.

Jeong Ji-seok led the team to a 3-0 set score against Cambodia in the second match of the Group C preliminary round held at the Linping Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 21st.

Jeong Ji-seok, who had been on the bench the previous day due to back pain, was not in perfect condition that day, but gritted his teeth and scored the most points (11 points) for both teams.

Jeong Ji-seok, whom we met after the game, said, "I am very angry when I think about not being able to perform well in the AVC Challenge Cup and Asian Championships.

I brought the medal to the athletes' village and hung it on the front door to reflect on it every time I see the bronze medal." said.

He said that the loss against India the previous day was doubled because he could not step on the court.

Jeong Ji-seok said, "It's a feeling I've never experienced even in my own team.

(The Asian Games) were postponed for a year and we barely made it this far..." and recalled, "I was so desperate, but it was frustrating that I couldn't just voice my voice."

When asked about the driving force behind his fighting spirit after injury, he immediately replied, “Because I am a national team member.”

Jeong Ji-seok said, "Even though I took medicine this morning, (the pain) started to increase from the 3rd set.

It hurt a little when I bent my back to spike," but added, "The good setters trusted me and raised me well, so I played without any problems. “I finished it,” he said, giving credit.

The national team lost first place in the group due to a loss the previous day, so it was inevitable that their fortunes would worsen.

However, the players’ sense of purpose remains unchanged.

Jeong Ji-seok said, "I heard that if we beat Cambodia, we would have to beat Pakistan, Qatar, and Iran (according to the bracket odds)," and "the players said, 'It's actually better. These are the opponents we have to beat to win the gold medal anyway.'

Veteran setter Han also emphasizes ‘confidence’.

Player Han said, "The first set was difficult today, but if the players believe in themselves more, they will play better. That is the most important thing because the small difference in the moment can make the difference between a score and a mistake."

He said that after finishing the game the previous day, he told his juniors, "I thought a difficult situation would come, but it has come now.

We can do it no matter what, so don't worry and let's trust each other."

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