North Korean Player Remains Silent and Refuses to Greet

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North Korean Player Remains Silent and Refuses to Greet

[Asian Games] Because of the Cold International Situation?... North Korean Player ‘Remains Silent and Refuses to Greet’

The player's coach tried to answer and stopped him... There is no report on the schedule for the release of the Kim Il-guk Sports Award. 카지노

North Korean athletes participating in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games are showing a 'cold' appearance by ignoring questions from the media or refusing to greet South Korean athletes at the stadium.

On the 25th, Kim Cheol-gwang (27) of the North Korean judo team won a match against Kang Heon-cheol of the South Korean national team in the men's 73kg class round of 16 on the 25th, then turned around and refused to shake hands with Kang's offer.

In judo, after shaking hands, the players bow to each other and leave, but the winner, who would normally approach first, actually refused to greet the opponent.

Kim Cheol-gwang was even more suspicious as he formed a single team with Korean athletes at the 2018 International Judo Federation (IJF) World Championships and formed a close relationship with them by participating in the mixed team event.

The North Korean athletes appear to avoid contact with the media as much as possible during this tournament.

The North Korean athletes, who had no contact with the media since entering Hangzhou, are rarely seen outside of the athletes' village and stadium, where coverage areas are restricted.

At the athletes' village entrance ceremony held on the 22nd, the athletes remained silent when asked questions from reporters, as promised.

Even in the mixed zone (joint reporting area) interview conducted after the game, the players mostly ignore reporters' questions.

The North Korean men's soccer team players, who won all three preliminary matches, barely answered questions from reporters as they left the mixed zone.

Only a small portion expressed their gratitude for the congratulations by saying “Thank you.”

After winning a boxing match on the 24th, a North Korean athlete, who was smiling lightly and gesturing to answer a reporter's question, was immediately led by the coaches and left the mixed zone without a word.

This is different from athletes from other countries who actively answer questions from the media after games and often appear at facilities including local media centers.

North Korea's 'sports diplomacy' activities are also difficult to find on the surface.

Sports Minister Kim Il-guk, who visited Hangzhou with the North Korean Olympic Committee (NOC) delegation, does not have any public schedule yet, except for visiting the stadium to watch the matches of some key athletes, including boxing's Bang Cheol-mi.

This situation applies not only to the athletes but also to the cheering squad.

The North Korean cheering squad that met at the stadium where the men's national soccer team was playing was completely silent when asked by reporters about their reasons for cheering or their thoughts on the match.

This is a different situation from the past when North and South Korea formed a unified team or made comments when they performed well in a game.

This appearance of the North Korean athletes is interpreted as a result of the worsening of inter-Korean relations amidst the recent rapid change in the international situation amidst the current 'new Cold War'.

In addition, North Korea has returned to comprehensive international competitions for the first time in five years due to suspension from participation by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and many of the athletes are made up of 'newbies', so there is also an analysis that they may have no choice but to be passive in responding to the media.

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