Asian Games, Hockey Coach Shin Seok-kyo

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Asian Games, Hockey Coach Shin Seok-kyo

[Asian Games] Hockey Coach Shin Seok-kyo "We are the Best for Injuries such as Lee Nam-yong and Jang Jong-hyun"

National team captain Lee Nam-yong said, "It's difficult to hold the stick tightly due to an injury to the back of my hand."

Korean men's hockey competed well against India, considered the best in the world, but unfortunately failed to advance to the finals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Korea, led by coach Shin Seok-kyo, lost 3-5 to India in the semifinals held at the Archer Canal Sports Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, on the 4th.

India is ranked 3rd in the International Hockey Federation (FIH) world rankings. 온라인카지노사이트

It is so overwhelming that it has won gold medals eight times in the Olympics, the most in this category, and the next is Germany, which has won four times.

On the other hand, Korea's world ranking was 12th, so India's dominance was expected to some extent even before the game.

In the first quarter alone, India scored three goals and took a 3-0 lead, so it looked like there was a possibility that it would be a one-sided game.

However, Korea followed up with two goals in the second quarter to make it 2-3, and showed tenacity by scoring another goal in the third quarter when the score was 2-4.

Chinese fans who visited the stadium to watch the next match, the semifinals between China and Japan, also showed more support for Korea's fierce pursuit.

They did their best to tie the score at the beginning of the 4th quarter, but as the score became 3-5 in the middle of the 4th quarter, their ability to chase weakened.

After the game, coach Shin Seok-kyo said, "It's unfortunate that we conceded a lot of goals in the beginning," and added, "The original plan was to control the flow of the game by reducing the number of goals conceded in the first and second quarters and going out with a full press in the third and fourth quarters, but it didn't go as planned." said.

Korea regained control of the game by counterattacking after the second quarter, but ended up conceding three goals in the first quarter.

Coach Shin Seok-kyo said, “Scoring three goals against India was a good result,” and added, “It is also unfortunate that veteran players such as Lee Nam-yong and Jang Jong-hyun were injured.”

In particular, Lee Nam-yong had difficulty holding a hockey stick after getting hit on the back of his hand during a group game, and Jang Jong-hyun also played while taking painkillers due to a rib injury.

Coach Shin Seok-kyo said, "If those players had been in good condition, they would have been able to solve the problem to some extent, so the result would not have been known.

Of course, the reason was that we lost to China (low ranking) in the group stage," he said bitterly.

In the group stage, Korea lost 2-3 to China after conceding consecutive goals in the last quarter of the fourth quarter, and as a result, they faced India, the number one team in the opposing group, in the semifinals.

Coach Shin expressed his determination, saying, “First of all, I will do my best in the remaining 3rd and 4th place matches, prepare thoroughly for the 2024 Olympic preliminaries in January, and definitely participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics finals.”

Captain Lee Nam-yong (Seongnam City Hall), who did his best despite his left hand injury, confessed, "I came with the goal of getting a gold medal, but I am very disappointed that I could not reach it.

I got hit on the back of my hand in the last game of the group stage, so it is difficult to hold the stick tightly with my left hand, which is important."

He plans to participate in the National Sports Festival immediately after returning to Korea, and pledged, "There are important Olympic qualifiers after this, so I plan to do my best to prepare for those competitions as well."

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