Lee Woo-seok, Who Won his First Gold Medal

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Lee Woo-seok, Who Won his First Gold Medal

[Asian Games] Lee Woo-seok, Who Won his First Gold Medal After 5 Years, Said, “The Hardships Were Nourishment”

“I think it was the nourishment that allowed me to win this medal.

I just try to think positively.”

Lee Woo-seok (26, Kolon) said this while holding up the gold medal around his neck.

Lee Woo-seok, along with Im Si-hyun (Korea National Sport University), competed in the finals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Archery Mixed Competition held at the archery range at the Puyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 4th, defeating Japanese athletes and winning a gold medal. 안전놀이터

It was a really difficult final stage.

Lee Woo-seok won two silver medals in the men's team event and individual event at the 2018 Jakarta/Palembang Games, attracting attention as the 'next-generation ace' in men's archery.

However, he did not participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Even though he performed well in the selection competition to select Olympic athletes, he suffered the pain of not being able to go to Tokyo as the competition was postponed due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic.

The road to Hangzhou was not easy.

This competition was also postponed for a year due to COVID-19, and Lee Woo-seok was able to participate in the Asian Games after passing the national team selection process twice.

Lee Woo-seok, who met with reporters in the joint coverage area (mixed zone) after the awards ceremony, said with a flushed face, "It's so valuable to win a gold medal at the Asian Games for the first time."

He continued, “I prepared really diligently.

“I stayed alone at the training ground and worked out,” he said.

“I was a bit disappointed in the individual competition (I was eliminated in the semifinals) because I was so nervous, but I came to the stadium with the determination to win the gold medal in the mixed competition.”

I have done a lot in the past five years.

Through his experience, Woo-Seok Lee has grown significantly to the point where he even takes care of his partner's psychology.

On this day, Im Si-hyeon scored 8 points on the first shot in the second set and was on the verge of losing the set.

At that time, Lee Woo-seok reassured Im Si-hyeon, saying, ‘Just trust me and shoot.’

Im Si-Hyeon scored the second shot to 10 points in the second set, and in the end, the second set was also taken by Korea.

It was a ‘watershed moment’ in winning the gold medal.

The two held an arrow-shooting ceremony at the awards ceremony.

It was explained that it was a response to the ceremony of Jeon Ji-hee (Mirae Asset Securities) and Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air), who won gold medals in table tennis women's doubles.

Jeon Ji-hee and Shin Yu-bin drew hearts and performed a ceremony that looked like they were shooting Cupid's arrows.

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