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Korean men's judo star Lee Jun-hwan wins Tokyo Grand Slam

81kg final round wins gold at Tokyo Olympics,
revealing medal prospects at Paris Olympics 7 months away

Lee Jun-hwan (21, Yongin University, photo), the star of Korean men's judo, stood at the top at the 2023 International Judo Federation (IJF) Tokyo Grand Slam and announced his prospects for a medal at the Paris Olympics, which is seven months away.

Lee Jun-hwan won the gold medal by defeating Belgium's Matthias Cass (26) in a half-heel walk in the men's 81kg final at the competition held in Tokyo, Japan on the 2nd. Lee Jun-hwan was successful in trying out various techniques, including winning half of his games with a piggyback in the third and fourth rounds, and winning half of his games with a straight throw in the semifinals against Canada's François Gauthier (25). 카지노사이트랭크

In the men's 81kg class at this competition, four previous winners of the World Championships, including Japan's Takanori Nagase (30), gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, participated. Cass, his opponent in the finals, is a strong player who won the 2021 World Championships and a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics held in the same year. IJF evaluated, “Cass continued to look for opportunities to score, but Lee Jun-hwan continued his attack despite the pressure.”

Lee Jun-hwan has been showing off in international competitions since last year. Lee Jun-hwan's Grand Slam victory is his third, following the 2022 tournaments in Tbilisi, Georgia and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Lee Jun-hwan won a bronze medal at this year's World Championships and a silver medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Park Saet-byeol (22) won the bronze medal in the women's over 78kg category. 섯다

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