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Kim Min-seon in ice speed, first gold medal of the season World Cup 3rd 500m winner

Korean speed skating sign Kim Min-seon.

Kim Min-seon (24? Uijeongbu City Hall), the star of Korean speed skating, won her first gold medal this season.

Kim Min-seon recorded 37.73 seconds in the women's 500m Division A (1st division) of the 3rd competition of the 2023-24 International Skating Union (ISU) Speed ​​Skating World Cup held in Stavanger, Norway on the 3rd (local time), followed by Erin Jackson (37 seconds) 75? USA) and Femke Kok (38.01? Netherlands) to win the championship.

Min-sun Kim won her first gold medal of the season, setting her personal best of the season. Min-sun Kim swept the gold medal in the women's 500m in the first through fifth rounds of her last season's World Cup, pushing her to No. 1 in the world rankings.

Kim Min-seon, who changed her skating boots ahead of this season, failed to reach the top in either of the previous two World Cups, but her performance improved as she competed in actual matches.

This can also be seen sexually. Kim Min-seon ranked 5th and 7th in the first and second 500m races of the first competition, but won a bronze medal in the first 500m race of the second competition. He then won a silver medal in the second competition, and this time he also won a gold medal.

On this day, Kim Min-seon started the race on the Group 9 outcourse and passed the first 100 meters in 10.55 seconds. This is the 3rd fastest time among the 20 participants.

Kim Min-seon, who gained momentum, increased his speed after passing Marit Flederus (Netherlands), who was racing with him. Kim Min-seon, who increased her speed until the last minute, achieved the fastest record.

Lee Na-hyun (Nowon High School), who also competed, ranked 19th with a time of 38.90 seconds.

Kim Min-seon, who achieved her first win in this competition, moves to Poland, where the 4th World Cup is held, and challenges for her second consecutive gold medal. 19가이드03

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