Table Tennis Seo Soo-yeon, Disabled AG Women

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Table Tennis Seo Soo-yeon, Disabled AG Women

Table tennis Seo Soo-yeon, disabled AG women’s singles gold medal… “Challenge to win 3 awards”

Won his first personal gold medal at the 3rd Asian Para Games

Seo Soo-yeon (Sports Class 2, Gwangju Sports Association for the Disabled) won the top spot in the table tennis women's singles at the Hangzhou Para Asian Games.

Seo Soo-yeon defeated China's Liu Jing 3-1 (11-4 11-7 9-11 11-6) in the table tennis women's singles class 1 and 2 finals at the 2022 Hangzhou Para Asian Games held at the Archer Canal Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 25th. won. 바카라사이트

This is the first gold medal won at the Asian Para Games.

Seo Soo-yeon won individual and team silver medals at the 2014 Incheon Games and individual and team bronze medals at the 2018 Indonesia Games. She also won singles silver medals at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics.

In Hangzhou, she finally won her gold medal.

Seo Soo-yeon advanced to the finals without giving up a set in the three preliminaries and semifinals.

Seo Soo-yeon, who won the first set in the final, suffered from leg cramps in the second set at 9-7, but overcame the challenge by scoring two points in a row.

He gave up the third set, but ended the match in the fourth set with a unique swing that utilized his long arms.

Seo Soo-yeon said, "I tend to get cramps often, but the table was low and my legs hit, and I got cramps in the second set.

That point was important, so I took a break in the tempo and gathered my thoughts until my legs calmed down, and I was able to finish the game well.

“It was there,” he recalled.

He smiled brightly, saying, "I kept missing the gold medal in the previous Asian Para Games, but I won it this time.

I'm happy to be one step closer to my desired goal."

Seo Soo-yeon will also challenge for victory in the women's doubles and mixed doubles on the 26th.

Seo Soo-yeon expressed her strong determination, saying,

There is doubles left. No Korean table tennis player has ever won three gold medals at the Asian Para Games, so I will try to become the first.

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