2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games Korea Night

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2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games Korea Night

2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games 'Korea Night' Hold

A sports culture venue introducing Korean disabled sports

Korea Night' introducing Korean disabled sports and culture.

The event was held in Hangzhou, China, where the 2022 Asian Para Games are held.

The Korea Sports Association for the Disabled held a Korea Night event at the Korea House in the Sofitel Yingguan Hotel in Hangzhou, China on the afternoon of the 23rd. 카지노사이트

Korea Night is a sports diplomacy venue that invites international disabled sports figures such as executives of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Asian Paralympic Committee (APC), and National Paralympic Committees (NPC) of each country to convey Korean disabled sports and culture.

About 70 people attended the event, including Jin-wan Jeong, President of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled, Jang Mi-ran, Second Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, IPC Chairman Andrew Parsons, APC Chairman Majid Rashid, and NPC representatives from each country.

Chairman Jeong Jin-wan said, “We have been operating Korea House since the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games to actively promote Korea’s culture and the development of sports for the disabled,” and added, “I hope Asian participating countries will enjoy Korean culture, K.

We will help you experience the culture.

“I hope it will become a venue for active international exchange,” he said.

Vice Minister Jang Mi-ran said, “Korea is cooperating with other countries in the field of sports for the disabled in various ways, such as international sports camps, sports science seminars, and support for sports technology equipment,” and “We will continue to be a responsible member of the international community.”

He said, “We will do our part to solidify freedom and solidarity through sports.”

At the event, deaf idol S-Boyz and developmentally disabled singer Lee Ji-won performed congratulatory performances.

Korea House is open until the 28th.

A space to display and experience modern K-culture, including Korean traditional culture, K-pop, and games, and to support Korean athletes.

A meeting space has been created.

We also operate a meal support center to help Korean athletes improve their performance and adapt to the local environment, and deliver Korean lunch boxes to the athletes' village or stadium every day.

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