K League 'September Player' is Pohang Zeka

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K League 'September Player' is Pohang Zeka

K League 'September Player' is Pohang Zeka... First individual award

Pro soccer Pohang Steelers striker Jeka won the K-League Player of the Month award for the first time.

The Korea Professional Soccer Federation is the official K-League video game partner Electronic Arts (EA).

Sponsored by 'EA Sports K-League Player of the Month'

It was announced on the 24th that Jecca was selected as the September winner. 카지노사이트

Zeka, who played for Daegu FC last year and plays for Pohang this year, received the Player of the Month award for the first time.

At Pohang, after Wandelsson in August 2019 and Ilyuchenko in October 2020.

Player of the Month came out for the third time.

Zeka, who played a big role in the 29th to 32nd rounds of K-League 1

The September player evaluation period, scoring 3 goals, was selected by Go Jae-hyeon and Vaselus (Daegu) in the vote, beat Ilyuchenko (Seoul).

The Player of the Month Award is a group of candidates selected through a vote (60%) by the Technical Committee of the Professional Football League among players who were selected as the Most Valuable Player (MOM)

Best 11 of the Round, and Most Valuable Player (MVP) in K-League 1 games held over the course of a month.

They are first selected and then selected.

For these candidates, a fan vote (25%) on the K League's official website and an EA Sports FC online user vote (15%) are conducted, and the results of the three items are calculated.

In addition, a prize is given to the player with the highest converted score.

Jeka ranked first in the technical committee vote (24.88%) and FC online user vote (7.36%), and in the fan vote, Ko Jae-hyun (12.03%) %) and ranked second (8.26%), taking first place in the total score.

Jeka is given a trophy and prize money produced by EA Sports.

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