Claire Cuzan Wins the Women's 50m Backstroke

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Claire Cuzan Wins the Women's 50m Backstroke

Claire Cuzan Wins the Women's 50m Backstroke... First 3 Gold Medals at the Doha World Championships

China wins women's 800m relay for first time in 15 years

Claire Cuzan (19, USA) won the first three gold medals in the management event at the 2024 World Aquatics Championships.

Kuzan was the first to touch the pad with a time of 27.43 seconds in the women's 50m backstroke final at the 2024 International Swimming Federation World Championships held at the Earthfire Dome in Doha, Qatar on the 16th (Korean time). 바카라사이트

Iona Anderson (18, Australia) took second place with 27.45 seconds, 0.02 seconds slower than Kuzan, and Ingrid Wilm (25, Canada) took third place with 27.61 seconds.

The first to third places were the same as the women's 100m backstroke final held on the 14th.

Kuzan won the 100m backstroke on the 14th, the 400m mixed medley relay on the 15th, and the 50m backstroke on this day, giving her three gold medals already.

She also won a silver medal in the women's 100m butterfly.

Kuzan is also competing in the women's 200m backstroke and 50m butterfly, aiming for additional medals.

Backstroke powerhouses Kaylee McCum (22, Australia) and Regan Smith (22, USA) did not participate in this competition.

Claire Kuzan, who won the women's 400m medley relay and the 400m mixed medley relay at the 2022 Budapest Games, but failed to win a medal in the individual event, emerged as a 'rising star' at the Doha Games, where many swimming stars were absent.

The Associated Press commented, "Quzan and Fan Zhanle (China), who won the men's 100m freestyle, established themselves as top ten stars through the Doha competition."

“I’m having a good year,” Kuzan told The Associated Press.

“I feel like I’m spreading my wings little by little,” he said.

Finlay Knox (23, Canada) won the men's 200m individual medley in which 'strongest' Leon Marchand (21, France) did not participate, with a time of 1 minute 56.64 seconds.

This is the first time a Canadian athlete has won this event in 46 years since Graham Smith at the 1978 West Berlin Games.

Knox also received his first personal world championship medal in gold.

Carlson Foster (22, USA) took second place with 1 minute 56.97 seconds, and Alberto Lacetti (24, Italy) took third place with 1 minute 57.42 seconds.

In the women's 800m relay final, China, led by Ai Yanhan, Gongqi, Li Bingjie, and Yang Pei-chi, recorded a time of 7:47.26, beating Great Britain (7:50.90) and Australia (7:51.41) to take the top spot. It went up.

China won the gold medal in this event 15 years after the 2009 Rome Games.

To date, Chinese swimming has won 4 gold medals in the management event and 20 gold medals in all events, including diving and artistic swimming.

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